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All tarot-based writings appearing on this site are for entertainment purposes and are offered as points of reflection for the reader as they wish. No guarantee is given or implied as to the accuracy or applicability of any of the messages herein. Readers are responsible for their own life choices and decisions. I do not claim to be qualified to give legal, financial, medical, or any other kind of advice; this is not the purpose of this website. The tarot cards themselves are merely archetypal images that give form to the writings and depth to intuitive meanings gleaned from them. They are not intended to be used as guidance other than to reveal to the reader what lay within, through their own interpretation of what is shared on this site. The writings on this site are presented as a self-counseling tool, as any written material may be, through the use of symbols, correspondences and archetypes.

If you require advice of any kind you should seek a suitable licensed professional. I do not accept responsibility for any decisions or actions made by readers based on the information presented in this website. This website and its owner is not liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental or consequential or punitive damages arising from the use of this site and its content.



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