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midweek update

A Moment Off Balance

Something’s off balance… and you’ve stumbled upon some hidden obstacles within this week’s overall exuberant energy of transformation. You’re well aware that there’s always a little yin in the yang, and vice versa, some bad in the good and good in the bad. In this way, life keeps its balance and the machinery of evolution keeps grinding along. It’s when the focus gets too much over the top on one side or the other that the steady tick-tock of change turns lopsided. That might feel good for the moment, but indulging in mania or gloominess will soon have you quite outside that lovely feeling of being in a state of grace. Just take things as they are and see where you can maneuver past the hidden obstacles. Doing so will give you even more enthusiasm, and peace.

Looking at your current situation within the framework of this week’s message, you are hovering around the moment of taking stock of where you’ve come from and your journey thus far. The Lodestone for this week is standing between the end of one path and the vast ocean of possibility stretching before you. Today, look deeper into this moment of time. From a deeply personal perspective, you may well realize that you are at a point of massive transformation, yet feel some dissatisfaction, some imbalance hovering around you, threatening to take your momentum off balance. If you do, relax, and know that it is an inner adjustment to a new set of circumstances. You’re being led to a whole new sense of self, and that comes with a feeling of being off balance. It’s temporary. You still have a grasp of the bigger picture, and you’re still well grounded within the new reality that’s taking shape for, around, within, and because of you.

Should there be outside circumstances throwing you into a tailspin, triggering aspects of your habitual reactivity you’d rather ditch, again we say, relax. Remember, it’s not just you that’s going through massive transformation. You are one of those who are. So are the people around you, and so are those who are caught up in bigger holographic echoes on the world stage. When you feel the urge to cry out in complaint, to signal an alert that you feel lost, or otherwise give voice to that habitual feeling of disconnection from the spiral of Nine, recalibrate. Utter blessing. Open your heart to allow all the changes to move more freely through you and share your blessing with those who are, themselves, feeling off balance. Soon enough, a higher frequency spin will settle in and all will feel back on track, better than ever and leading to blessings you could never have expected.

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