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Carry a Dream into the Now

Picture it… What you see in your mind’s eye, is it castles in the sky? Is it something more solid and sure? Something is brewing, promising more. But first you have to get yourself in order. Nothing drastic, nothing so rigidly disciplined that it knocks you off your dream. However, you’ll want to be aware of what it is that’s swimming in your dreams while it’s still there in technicolor sheen. Gather it up gently, yet with a sense that it will not disappear like fairy dust if you touch it with your 3-D hands. This is a promise that could just come into fruition in real life, but not right away, not without some care and nurturance. This is not something you can force, but it is something you can tend. What you carry now within your heart may be only the glimmer of a vision right now, but there’s no reason it can’t be the seed for something great in seasons coming.

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So now what? You’ve been doing the work, you’ve been releasing what no longer serves. While that’s all well and good, and serves your purpose quite well as you move along your path, what exactly are you supposed to be doing? All at once, you have limitless possibilities to allow your creative flow to move in a divine motion, and no idea at all what or where to be. This can result in frustration unleashing a torrent of pent-up feelings of despair, fed by pictures supplied by your not-so-friendly overlords, whether that be of the global or more close-to-home variety of builder of bleak futures. Stay the course that your spirit has been carrying you. It’s brought you through storm and desecration of past glories. You’re relatively unscathed. Completely so, if you look at the state of your inner being. Let that be what emerges now.

So if your head is feeling like it’s not so firmly attached to the rest of you, allow your whole being to expand into the new space your mind is discovering. Your heart, too is likely seeking to expand beyond the boundaries of a scenario that doesn’t make much sense in the depths of your human spirit’s striving to shine. If ever there’s been a time to trust the bigger plan, it’s now. If ever you’ve been anticipating a time to give your permission to yourself to enter formlessly into the emergent design of divine mind, it’s now. In fact, that’s all happening while you witness what you now see. Let the pictures in front of you help you determine where you do and don’t want to pursue life’s stream of consciousness. Meanwhile, prepare to get organized on a higher level of functionality so you can actually do something with those dreams of yours. Gather, nurture, and be ready to put things into action.

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