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Dare to Be

Everything in order? Almost there. It appears that the last loose ends are acquiescing to your intent of binding them up. You’ve created for yourself a neat bundle of having done the things that needed to be done. Now what remains are just to carry a few things forward while taking a quick glance over your shoulder to see that everything is truly clear behind you. Having done your due diligence, it is. Even if you haven’t done quite as much as you would have liked, even if you feel like you’re just skimming along without a plan, there’s a sense of “all clear” in your wake. What had been turbulent is turning into a void, yet one filled with the energy of suffused light rather than blank darkness. What lay beyond that in the deep recesses of the past, even further than you can see in the glow of your enlivened mind, is a vacuum. The deep past is feeding upon itself, pulling in the strands of time that carried you to this threshold of awareness. Let it consume what is its creation, the temporal waves left by your experience. The rest is self-organizing all around you.

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The waking state may be feeling more and more like a balance point between the vestiges of dreams and the yet-indiscernible becoming that lingers just ahead of your ability to see. To be sure, nebulous fate is revealing more of its secrets, but as you stand en pointe at the threshold, your awareness beyond “now” is blotted out by a particular kind of radiance. A glance to one side or another may reveal colorful detail and motion blurs of activity, information streaming from various sources from low to high frequency. As much as you can see peripherally, when you settle into the moment that envelops you now, is there not a sense of being suspended in a cloud illuminated from within? Synapses and brain cells are undergoing a massive shift in processing capabilities, as the volume of data pouring into your enlivened sensorium demand a functional upgrade. Relax. Everything that’s happening within your being is a natural response to a global paradigm shuffle. Move with what makes sense, even if it seems—at this moment—to be outside the realm of the possible.

Harbingers from your visions, whether sleeping or waking, tell tales of power and timeless energy. Manifest within subtle actions, their nuanced instructions echo in the space beyond conscious awareness. What your subconscious mind has understood, your body obediently puts into action. Your mind is catching up with the realizations your ethereal form has incorporated in other-state consciousness. Synchronicities knit together disparate threads of awareness into singularities of revelation. Luminar tendrils conjoin en masse into cohesive edges of otherwise empty space, affording you safe passage through density-defined experience. You are moving from the familiar into the indeterminate. The structure of fear falls away in the crossing, its stuff transmuted into incandescent filaments of integrated enthusiasm. Your time to shine is upon you. You stand on the merest of bounds. Negotiate the clearing with the information as it arrives, and know that with each conscious step into the cadence of transformation, you will have exactly what you need in time.

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