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Give Yourself the Upper Hand

You can do exactly what it is you need to do, what you are here to do, with little to pull your will off-track. In fact, there is nothing left in the external world that can give you the kind of concern that will keep you from moving through to completion what you have started. The current task is one that began eons ago, and has reached a point of culmination in this path you tread. You are nearing a turning point. There is no ending point, not without a new beginning. This is the nature of transformation. What you have before you to do will come to be. Everything is lined up and ready for you to put yourself into the place in which you take the central spot, the point of bringing divergent sets and measures into unity. Also before you is a meeting with your inner mettle. Your spirit emerges with a message to you now. Will you accept the power it holds? Will you give yourself the space of receiving it? In asking, in facing the possibility now, you have already begun to change.

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Have no doubt, you have something in you that can extend the momentum of change and manage it in a way that makes your influence felt. Your charisma, your vitality, your verve, all of those intangible qualities of spirit move reality in unquestionable ways. Have you gained enough rest to restore your stores? The time has not yet come for your move forward onto the field in which your primacy is generally acknowledged. However, you are not going unnoticed. Be that as it may, what is said and thought about you from outside of yourself and your trusted advisors and support teams need not sway you in the least. What matters at this moment in time is your relationship with what is emerging from within. The idea of yourself that you had long ago tucked away in the recesses of your memory has matured in wisdom and stature. As have you, if you’ve been paying attention. For now, this is your hidden power, your strength.

In this period of downtime, in which so many permutations of the message to move within and restore yourself have been broadcast, how have you fared? Some of the messages, it is sure, have not been given in the most compassionate way, nor in the most broadly beneficial, nor surely in the kindest, most measured tones. Yet, wisdom has granted you a sense of pragmatic expediency with these impressions and transmissions, these public pronouncements and social movements. You are being asked to move into the depths of your being and connect with the eternal mode of finding yourself. While it may be that what’s rising is an untamed desire to react, you know what you have is an opportunity to respond, and to turn what presents itself as a formidable situation into something manageable, and more, rare, and overwhelmingly captivating to your mind. Attune to what rises now, and know that you are meeting aspects of yourself that turn a strong hand into a persuasive, meaningful will.

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