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Let Spirit Move You

Good news… Although sometimes what has yet to happen seems a bit off when you first see it, other times, you just know what’s happening is the right thing. How to get from sometimes to other times, where you can feel at peace with what plays out before you, is a matter of perspective. Shifting it, that is. Raising your eyes without raising your chin. Straightening your back without stiffening it. You’ll have the vision of angels yet, if you can manage that tricky skill of being both grounded and elevated simultaneously. Hint: Zero point is the key. Getting into zero point, from a human experience perspective, means getting into a space where you acknowledge the potential energy within various environmental and internal stimuli without being caught up in their activity.

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Something other than your own two feet is carrying you forward, something that’s part of your native spiritual constitution. As you move more into wholeness, more into a state of trust of your volition and your higher self’s presence and activity in your life, your journey becomes transformed. Can you move with more ease into a state of trust, and thus ease into a more traversable landscape? There’s no need to make things more exciting than they already are, for the grand adventure is internal. As you gain a greater understanding of what’s going on within your own self, in your heart, in your spiritual playground, you move more and more into clarity. Obfuscation dissipates. You might not understand what at first you see, but keep going with it. What doesn’t yet make sense soon will, especially if you can avoid becoming mesmerized by what arises.

While your mission is coming into a kind of logic, remember to remain in balance, lest you be swept into romantic ideals disconnected from the bigger picture. In fact, the bigger picture itself can seem like it’s put itself front and center in your intuitional space. As much as your attention is taken by those emotional tugs, those altruistic and visionary quests for making your mark upon the world, keep your mind elevated. You have a uniquely designed connection to higher mind. Maintain that, and explore it, without getting lost in the visions your heart is holding before you. You need this now. Without the higher understanding that is available to you, you risk falling into a vision of spectres rather than glory. Keep your wits about you while you move into new territory. Here, you can better understand the delicate operations required to maintain balance between an expanded field of vision and access to a higher plane of intellect.

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