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Love Goes Just a Little Further

Beneath feelings of self-incrimination that rise in the face you see in the mirror, can you find a spark of peace in the eyes that look back? What expression regards you, as you gaze in your reflection? Is there some hint of softness at the corner of the mouth, some slackening of the tension above the brow? Anything you can discern that speaks to acceptance now, take it as the truth. You have a pathway to follow to lead you into the  state of equanimity within yourself, in considering relationships with others. Find it now, and follow it as best you can. If all you have is the merest hint, the momentary softening of a hard angularity of your face, find the part of your mind that it leads you to. Go into your awareness as it is expressed there, on your own face in the mirror, and expand within it. Breathe into it. It is your mind that holds the key to the labyrinthine lock of self-perception. From there, it is a simple adjustment of perception to find the love you seek reflected around you.

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Everything is rooted in this innate power of love that you possess. When you follow the winding path of this mystery to its foundation, you may find that it possesses you, this all-encompassing love. It’s not so bad, you know, nor is it a threat to your personal sovereignty. You lose nothing of yourself by holding, even for a moment, the consideration that love has you, just as much as you have it. If this thought escapes you, if you feel incapable of holding it still close to your chest as you breathe gently in the zero-point of it, don’t worry. Don’t fret. It’s not love that you find slithering away as you try to hold it close. Love is alive, there is no doubt, but it doesn’t try to elude you. If you find it slipping through your fingers just as you finally feel you might actually, at last, embrace it to yourself, know that it is merely leading you beyond the limits of the space in which you stand. Love wants to give to you in a big way. Right now, that might mean stepping outside the zone of self-knowing into discovery.

Whatever you feel reflected to you now is indeed a facet of love. The doubts, fears, feelings of rejection, disappointment, insufficiency, is all perceived as chaotic not-love. However, love is modulating. Everything is changing. Within the action of modulating, new keys are being struck, discordant perhaps with what has been the status quo, but necessary steps leading to a expansion which love has to show you. When the status quo becomes stagnant, it begins to decompose, exerting a natural pull into a vortex of compression, breaking down into component structures, super-heating into a morass of elemental scavengings before perishing from what it once was. It is a ceasing-to-be that lay at the end of the dying status quo. Counterpoint to that is the rising vortex into what is to be. As you consider your reflection, acknowledge that you already know the way. You’re already risen. Today, focus on the knowing and let that lead you there. Love is waiting for your arrival.

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