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On the Move

If you’re looking for the cards for Thursday, please know that the schedule is shifting. The source of the transmissions, the League of Light, has indicated there will be a shift in focus to their Direct Messages (LOL DMs), which you can find on the main Nine’s Path website. In fact, there’s a new message up later today, “Raw Power Moves Now.”

For the time being, I’ll still be posting Monday’s card here on Pleiadian Tarot. That message will become the main focus of this website, so keep your subscription active! And check back on Monday… I’ll do my best to keep the messages coming. See the note below for details (and this blog post on Bends of Light).

DID YOU KNOW? The twice-weekly messages from Pleiadian Tarot forms the basis of the Nine’s Word messages posted on Nine’s Path, and is also put on video. Find them on YouTube.
Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot
In case you missed it…

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE WRITER: Having become accustomed to sharing these transmissions on a twice-weekly basis, I can only imagine that you are accustomed to finding them in your inbox, on social media, or on the website like clockwork. The clock is shifting its timecode, however, and I am asked to relay the message that there may be some disruption in the regular transmission schedule. I will post as I can, but the undercurrent of change is putting me on alert for shifts beyond my control. Nothing dire, but a signal that change is happening more insistently. Therefore, look not only to the newsletters and websites, but on social media outlets as well, for updates from this source. I’ll be sharing news and transmissions as I can. Keep an eye on the sites (and especially the Facebook group, Pleiadian Renegades), and Nine’s Path.

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Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot messages are posted every Thursday, with a follow-up single-card reading for keeping on the path posted on Monday. Subscribe for updates.

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