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Play the Last Card Well

Look into your heart. What do you see? Can you bear to pause on the reflection, to allow the ripples to still themselves within the boundaries of your gaze? Let the movement come to a point of peace, if you can, by stilling your mind, even if that is for a brief moment. One moment at a time, you can come into a deeper appreciation for what you behold. One moment at a time, you can push yourself past the spectres of regret, dismay, even horror, if that is what appears. In this moment in which you hold your heart close to your awareness, come into the realization of your mastery. Nothing you see rising from the depths of soul can shake you to pieces. In fact, it may be that you need to see what’s been hidden in order to shock yourself into wholeness. Snap into integration, if that’s what is required. Or feel yourself sliding, undulating into a sense of coming together. The mystery of self, and of the human experience itself, is going to reveal something to you, as you do.

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There is no mystery that you cannot now unravel. You have held a holographic cupful of the ocean of beingness. If you focus on what part is yours, you will find the whole singing to you in a way you’ve never heard before. The background noise, the chaos, can be decoded by following the natural threads of sense-making that you have as part of your own self. More than a single drop, you have access to the whole of the unbounded and free flow of being. Tap into it by bringing your experiences a little bit closer to your eyes. Look at what has happened along the way and your journey can make sense. You are not swimming in a morass of activity, not drowning in the turmoil, if you settle your core awareness in an elevated perspective. Rise in your posture, straighten what has been succumbing to the vortex of chaos around you. What you discover will make sense when you get aligned with the sovereign you.

There is a peace that settles in the turbulence of change. Like a feather daring to alight in the midst of a storm, your mind can settle in the vessel of emotion you hold within. Once the ripples are allowed to dissipate, the stillness will reflect to your eye a perfect mirror in which to recognize your own inner absolute. Having rolled up your sleeves to dig deep into the foundations of remembrance, you may just have revealed what you’ve held there: a court card to trump yourself in the game of evading being recognized behind the disguise. You have played well, daring sleep-drunk eyes to see your true splendor, so well that you have fooled even yourself for a long time. All bets are off now, as your strategy has played itself out. Within the grand masquerade, all look like jokers except for the one who dares reveal their own true self. The question is, have you seen in the mirror of your feelings the clear reflection? Step aside from the turmoil into the stillness that exists always behind it. Take a good look at what you see revealed. Then with the grace afforded therefrom, be ready to act accordingly.

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