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Prepare to See the Lie

How frustrating it is to have everything lined up, your energies boosted, your mind primed for action, only to run face-first into a glass wall? If this is something akin to what you’re feeling now, consider that glass wall before acting on any impulse you may have to throw something at it. Now is not a time to retreat, even if hoped-for forward motion seems to be interrupted. Take a look at the glass. You’re being given a deeply potent message right now. As much as you’d like to skip over it, you will not be able to move in any direction until you get it. Face to face with yourself now, there are no secrets worth keeping from being spilled. In counsel with yourself, open up. Let pour out what has been eluding your awareness. Pin it down. You have everything you need to do so. Make your mind stand still long enough to make sense of the uncomfortable truth that’s got your head in a jumble. As shocking as it may be to look at what you see, you must face the truth of your current position. Really, all you’re doing is refining your aim. Then you can move.

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Protecting your thoughts with a layer of reflective tin foil serves you in what way? Does it bring the truth closer to your grasp? Does it give your mind actual security in the face of blinding truths? You can’t be faulted for wanting to shield yourself from what your instinct warns is a difficult set of parameters. Making sense of the roiling conflagration of information and impressions can easily set off even the most grounded perspective into a tailspin of emotional shocks. Self-delusion is merely protective self-preservation amid a dark storm of turmoil and hopelessness. When you look at it head-on, you can see in your own eyes the unspoken truth that can set you free. With simple words, you can see what has passed for protection as the feeble thing it is. What are those words? “I release this” and “Thank you for the lesson” are good ones to start with. Avoid placing blame, or accepting it. Take off the meager overlay designed to protect you from making contact with a threat. It’s time to replace it with something more substantial, and serviceable, for where you’re heading.

All your life, you’ve been dealing with making sense of impressions and information. Recent events may give rise to more questions than you have hope to find answers to. All that notwithstanding, you have this moment of clarity in front of you. The mirror awaits your full gaze. Having given yourself to the cause of making a difference in your own life, thereby the world, perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a secret you didn’t expect to find. It’s well for you to have on armor of manufacture divine. Your faith is called to the fore. Are you who you thought you were, now that the secret is out? Have you lived your life according to a lie? Such a question requires absolute attention. The lie is laid bare. Now you see how it has impacted your quest of making your life mean something. In seeing the last flicker of its substance die in the eyes reflected before you, you gain your freedom, your truth, and your breath. You’re about to see yourself revealed in glory. While it might not be happening fast enough, the crack in the mirror is unmistakeable. Look to the light you see as divine presence making itself known.

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