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Steady Your Inner Vision

Look, it’s not what you’ve been thinking about that’s the real problem. The way you go about trying to lessen the worry is having a counteractive effect. All you do, by counting and re-counting the basic problems and their possible solutions, is to box yourself into an untenable situation, with regard to your dear mind. The anxiety that’s built into this or any transformational experience is to be expected. It’s part of the process, the catalyst, the fuel that burns and urges you to rise higher than you have been wallowing. It’s not that you have been stuck in denial. Maybe you have, but at any rate, the bare fact of the matter is that avoidance of reality is only going to prolong what’s already become an excruciating operation. Lining up your fears in a neat row is one way of dealing with them. However, if you deny the facts as they are, you’ll only continue lost. The map isn’t going to obey your wishes. It’s pointing you in a clear direction. All you have to do is raise your eyes and look.

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Nine times out of ten, chances are that the thing you fear is worse in your head than it is in its true form. That tenth time, after moving through all the permutations of how reality can be, you might just stumble upon the veritable magnitude of what you’re dealing with. Once you’ve encountered the dance of Nine, the fears and spectres lose any ability to master you. Have you gotten there yet? Every step of the way of moving through your innate intelligence, your natural understanding unclouded by stories, pictures, songs, and faces that dog your thoughts, you move closer to mastering this dance. You’ve gone over the steps in your head. You’ve practiced the moves, fallen down, strained muscles, pushed yourself to the limits of what you can do. The rhythm of eight beats to the bar might have drummed your brain to pieces. The driving tempo of change is pushing everyone to stay on their toes. How well you “get it” will have an impact on how much you enjoy what’s going on. Truly, if you don’t have a sense of the core action, it can really turn into a nightmare.

So you have your thoughts lined up. You’ve rearranged them countless times, searching for the right order of things so that the whole of what’s in front of you makes sense. Don’t give up. Yes, it’s enough to drive you over the edge, but that edge is where the best view of the timeless Now can be gained. That edge is where Nine enters, moves through everything you’re sorting through and brings an order to it all that lights up your mind. Are you there now? Are you ready to give up the cycle that brings you back to square one, and move into a more satisfying geometry? Nine spirals both toward a stable center and outward past the edge of what you know, toward certainty, toward the pervasive sacredness of All That Is. If that’s been escaping your rituals of stabilizing reality, move one step closer to the edge of yourself. Raise your eyes, heighten your vision. The perspective you gain might be enough to shatter the dark dreams that had so triumphantly disordered the sacred parallax of your soul in alignment with your will, your dreams in alignment with what lay on the other side of illusion’s screen. If you’re ready, it’s time to wake up.

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