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Time Like the Present

You are the arbiter of past and present, inner and outer, all that has been in the course of your life and all that has been explored by alternatives of thought, choice, and being. In this moment now, you hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of a new world, whether that be the meaningful reality that shadows your local space or the whole of the space-based matrix that assembles according to time’s dictates. Transactional analysis dictates that you make an accounting of your choice points as they have accumulated, laying now before you in a heap of decisions made, surrounding you in an array of projected outcomes having taken shape. Dancing now are those forms and ideations, simmering in a maelstrom of inherent causality. Nothing you have done is incomplete. No choice that you made is undeniable in its efficacy in having brought you to the truth of your realization that now is a manufacture of life’s underlying control mechanism. Whatever you have chosen that’s brought you here, now, it is in perfect accord with the supersymmetry of nature’s plan.

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Formulations of “what-if”s may yield a moment of respite, or of regret, depending on your perspective when looking at yourself. You are the focal point, after all, through which your consciousness chooses to radicalize itself into performing acts of will within the arena of dimensional reality. This fabric, this matrix, of time and space interweaving holds all potential within the grasp of divine mind, omni-aware and omni-present. From where you stand, your consciousness contracted into a projectional beam of choice, you have the presence of mind to see that you had choices, opportunities, failings, successes, near misses, faults, grace. Your activity amid the everything that pure potential implies has followed a path that, however harrowing it may be at times, has pushed you ever toward the greatest yield for your soul. If you doubt this, consider that you have lost nothing without having replaced it with something else. In the perfection of nature, you will never be left without a prize. It is up to you to hold it to the light to see past any perceived imperfections the shadows cast upon it.

In this moment before you, all the various paths of possibility merge into a singularity of being. You will be present in your fullness, the potential of your soul having carried splintered awareness through causality and effective existential episodic experience. Can there be any doubt that you’ve done exactly what you were given to do? Your choices relayed vital information to your soul, that it may disseminate your own wisdom back to you in endless variety through fathomless fields of experimentation. The truth of this moment is that you’ve chosen the path best suited for the soul’s aggrandizement of love’s nature. What you have done or not done figures into the final analysis, which you’re free to make any time you wish. Choose anew. Ever dynamic, this now presents something wildly daring: Will you venture through the field to meet yourself on the other side of choices made? You may find that in doing so, you find more than solace to soothe the wounds this moment presents. On the grandest level, you are making whole the experiment of love, and emerging valiant.

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