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Reflecting on the Swords

So I had this idea of writing a little reflection piece in between readings, just to connect what’s been coming up on my screen with the guiding virtues of the week’s Pleiadian tarot spread. Sound like a good idea? I’m hoping it will trigger some conversation, too, either in the comments of the post or on the Nine’s Path Facebook page, or at the Roundtable forum. Please, consider yourself invited to participate! Share what you see and we will all explore the path of Nine together with more appreciation for the terrain.

This week two of the royal court of Swords appear, the Knight and the King, with a suggestion that we’d do well to sit down and get a grip on our collective mind. Remember, everything in the Nine’s Path Pleiadian tarot applies to the individual and to the global levels of being. We are each a tiny microcosm of the whole, fractally speaking. If we are to get into any semblance of unity consciousness (whatever that means), we have to become unified in our own minds first. “As above, so below” works both ways. There’s not really that much more effort required to get to unity consciousness than getting our own heads straight.

This week, it was suggested that we tame the runaway energy of pushing ideas into manifestation with force and urgency, and instead sit back and observe how things are coming together. The feeling is something like hitting a wall, for many of us… for me, most certainly. In my eagerness to redesign my website to make it more easily accessible and practical, I find myself sitting in wait for an email from the people who are ironing out an issue with a template. Stuck in place, I see all the other things I have to do, to bring together and get done, out of the way. Gathering my thoughts (into lists and piles of stuff), I find it easier to take the position the King of Swords adopts. Sitting and waiting has turned into watching myself do, and seeing things get done. Trusting that my focus will cut through the background noise of “Why can’t I do this yet?” is actually working. My focus itself has shifted from getting one big project underway to watching myself transform in the process I’m in along with it.

On the bigger field of vision, what are we seeing? There are so many microcosms that have to do with the energetics of rushing forward being slowed to a moment of timeless observing. A refinement of focus is needed before the forward movement can begin again with any benefit for the whole of the planet. There is still a blanket of obfuscation being overlaid on our mental sphere. As we sharpen our focus, we will pierce through it. The way forward, it appears, is less through brute force and more through a heightened sensibility of mind. Calmness of action and steadiness of observation will let our thoughts rise heavenward and gain the sharp point needed to open the vaults.

Please share your observations here! What’s going on in your reality, and what do you see playing out on the world stage that reflects the archetypes of the spread? I look forward to the conversations.

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