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Summary: The road may have suddenly dropped out from beneath your feet, but that doesn’t necessarily spell disaster. If you’ve been wise and changed plans, you know you can acclimate to a new environment. Where changes in the lay of the land may be moving mountains, revealing molehills, and pushing rivers into new structures of flow, consider what treasure lay in and around you. With a perception-altering lens out of the picture, you’ll see more of it, more clearly. Begin with taking a new look at yourself. Now is a perfect time to face that strangely magnificent aspect of yourself that had been hidden from view.

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The Fool — Ten of Pentacles — Queen of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Radical landscape shifts alter the flow from a trusted source, calling for alternate plans. Reconsider your understanding of what's just happened. #pleiadian #divinity #transformation #worldchange Share on X


Well, that was a close call. That’s what happens when you allow yourself to become distracted with thoughts, even—or especially—if those thoughts are rooted in something that has no solid foundation. It’s not that you were letting your mind run away with you, or that you’ve been following a flight of fancy, dark or light. The fact is, you didn’t even notice that your toes were hanging over the edge of a chasm. What once looked like terra firma as the road ahead, bumpy as it might or might not be, is gone. Did you even see the landslide coming? You’ve had plenty of warning. Your higher self has been dancing around you to get your attention for a while now. Pause now in your path so well trodden, and take a breath. Look around. Do a quick reality check. You are still here; you have not fallen into the abyss. The abyss did not appear out of nowhere. It’s been there all along. You chose not to see it for what it is. In fact, if you consider it an abyss, you have yet to appreciate it for what it really is: a new beginning. Though, to be honest, and the moment requires that if nothing else, it’s more like an arrival. If you were to back up and see your life on a map, the big red “You Are Here” arrow is pointing to a moment suspended in time. The terrain around is undefined white space. Bring your attention to the here and now that has nothing to do with what was, and allow yourself to fill it in accord with your soul. Simply color it in, as the lines appear. Keep moving, and you’ll see the picture.

LODESTONE: Ten of Pentacles

Living within your means doesn’t mean living without the means to make something of what you’ve got. Radical landscape shifts alter the flow from a trusted source, calling for alternate plans. Perhaps you should reconsider your options. Doing so within the framework of all you’ve known and relied upon could leave you high and dry, if your expectations haven’t shifted with the landscape. Where seismic movement has brought a swollen river to a mere trickle, it might be in your best interest to reconsider your understanding of what’s just happened. While you’re suspended thus, surrounded by those who depend on you, or whom you depend upon, perhaps what you have is an opportunity to re-evaluate things. Things like, was the landscape before it changed so unexpectedly really to your liking? Were you able to get from here to there with ease, having no issue with coordinate systems of time and location? How did the economics of balancing time and effort fare, when weighed with considerations such as self-care and rejuvenation, curating your familial treasures, exploring beyond the surface niceties, or not-so-niceties, of your relationships, inner and interpersonal? You see, it’s easy to become somewhat blinded to what’s in front of you when something else is between it and you. With one worry removed, are you starting to see that you can better balance the equation and come out of it with things in your favor?


What’s coming just around the bend is the appearance of something you might have neglected, in the world as it had been. While you had been occupied with moving along in the circuit, some aspect of your human experience had been hidden. It’s understandable how relationships, domestic pursuits, career trajectories and the like can have that effect. It’s understandable, but it’s no longer a viable excuse for ignoring what’s emerging now, and will become more evident as you adjust to what amounts to an alternate reality. With façades dropped and topographical features shifted in perspective, you’re coming into a quiet moment to re-evaluate some important connections. If indeed you have been functioning in a hall of mirrors, suddenly you are facing a reflection that’s so alien to you that you find yourself holding your heart in your hands. As if you were removed from yourself completely, you can settle into the space of contemplating a core paradox. You have been under the impression that you are who you are, discovering more about yourself as you dive into reflection. Now the reflection presents something new, yet strangely familiar, to your seeking eyes. There is only one way to fully comprehend what’s happening to you, so dive in. Reacquaintance with your original plan might be the most delicious challenge you’ve yet undertaken. There’s nothing holding you back from rediscovering yourself in full glory.


“Your lives just changed. We are here because today lasts longer than you think and dawn is just breaking on the horizon after a long night of bad dreams. Your chains are not real, nor are the quacking ducks you call slavemasters. We are as real as you and you are not really slaves. You only perceive yourselves to be.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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