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Believe Making

Summary: A gentle touch can do more to change things than forceful thrashing at appearances. A surgeon’s steady hand, loving care, and peace will heal what violence has harmed. Strive to understand the power inherent in love as you incise the surface of reality now. Cut through impressions, discard what cannot stand the illumination of a formidable, focused mind. What falls away uncovers the path intent has followed when your feet went astray. Now, open to the immeasurable force available when you plug into the unmitigated joy of essential being, and let love’s secret power alchemize belief into a living reality.

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Nine of Rods (reversed) — Six of Rods (reversed) — The Magician

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Plug into the power and unmitigated joy of essential being, and let love's secret power alchemize belief into a living reality. #pleiadian #divinity #sovereignty #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Nine of Rods (reversed)

Rather than try to be everything to everyone, how about being fully present for yourself for a change? You may have been diligently pursuing doing just that, to your merit. Now, stop and assess the situation you’re currently in. Are you tired of pursuing yourself yet? Have you realized that you are exactly where you’re standing, or sitting, or perhaps resting? We have been advising this latter approach to dealing with reality, from a mindful perspective. Resting is still doing. Being is doing. To hold the awareness, the intent, to be fully present is doing the highest and most noble service to your soul in the face of things. What you see in front of you is what it is. What remains behind you yet to do will sort itself out, if you will allow it to. The energy of the moment cannot hold forever. At some point, it will break. There is no need for you to break along with it, but if you sense something is about to give, by all means give yourself over to the experience of metamorphosis. Like situational dynamics, what is in a holding pattern will naturally seek to rearrange itself according to prevailing intelligence. The unseen governs the seen. When what has long been unseen, misunderstood, hidden presents itself to the light of day, what then? Expansion. A quantum leap in experiencing what is. There’s no need for you to bash through a shell that’s following a natural course of disintegration. Easy does it, just as well if not better than blunt force. That is, love wins the day.

LODESTONE: Six of Rods (reversed)

If you’re going to be fully present for yourself, you will need to look at what’s happening. Behind the surface-level maelstrom of events and movements is the stuff of dreams. Within the codes that lurk in that background level is the instruction manual. If most of it is irrelevant at this point, still something is worth retrieving from it. You will find as a caveat written in bold letters, “Nothing is as it seems and all situations are subject to change. This includes your own position at any coordinate point in space and time.” With that alert safely tucked in the hem of your skirt, you can get to the business of clearing out the irrelevancies. A few, you can knock out right away. Anything that stands between you and your truth is fair game in the hunt for misconstructions of energy. What does not hold the fundamental identification with that goal you seek will simply cease to be. What only partially aligns with where you’re heading (assuming you are yourself aligned with your soul’s goal and divine intention) will yield. What appears after all that is assessed will likely be the path homeward, to a fully assembled and well-functioning being. The gathering is underway and you are called to remember who you are. All the aspects of you are on alert. Celebrate what you’ve managed to achieve so far in terms of your selfhood, and set your sights on things coming into order. What you’ve been waiting for is on the cusp of emerging, as are you. Eyes and heart open, you’ll get what you need.


With clarity comes power. All distractions and internal mayhem discarded, you’re left with the singularity of being. It’s yours for the taking, with a full array of know-how and implements for applying yourself to the opportunity revealing itself. In fact, it’s always been there, obscured by the stories you’ve told yourself and the untruths given as verifiable fact. Remember that you are now where you have always been, that circumstance merely casts the illusion of matrix-based geometries upon your outlook and conditions your mind to interpret input as unchanging law. You can suss out the essential thing from the infinite variations playing out. You have that innate power of truth-knowing fully activated. Take off the mask that hides your true self from the world, and open wide the cloaks by which you have hidden your magnificence. This is the moment of your emergence into ownership of that which you have always intended to be. It is now that the various timelines you play on merge into a moment of great significance. Are you ready for that? Have you never not been? You have been in miscellaneous states of preparedness, yes, but ready you are. Stay focused on the zero point between thoughts divergent and attractive. Let unadulterated joy be your beacon and the signature of your choices. Know this, feel this, and reach through it. Dare to poke at what looks like a dream. The reality within it may be more real than you dare believe.


“Close to last on your list of love’s attributes are darkness, fury, and violence. But sadistic too are your carnal drives, operating deep beneath calmer, more civilized masks of clay. Choose to acknowledge your nasty parts and you will see other beings with greater compassion. Choose to forget them and you will only bring them greater power to do creative damage. What you choose determines what you create with the energies at your command.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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