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Come to Your Point of Departure

Summary: Having come into this life with great promise and enthusiasm, the duties and obligations you’ve picked up along the way could well have resulted in weighty concerns. Programs of pain may be reflected around you, overlaid upon your essential being, but are they really yours? Step back into your core, ever vibrant with life’s undying pulsation. If doing so rocks the foundations of something you’ve been participating in, so be it. Dynamism is a function of life. Dare to make those movements back into balance with your essential self. Gather your spirit. You’ll need every element of your multidimensional awareness to participate in the choice to be that’s calling.

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The Sun (reversed) — Four of Rods (reversed) — Judgment

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Given all you have witnessed of late, you are called to remember that love is the nature of life. Gather now, come back to this remembrance. #pleiadian #divinity #sovereignty #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: The Sun (reversed)

Are you shirking your responsibilities as an adult if you step aside from worry for a moment and indulge in play? Don’t let the weight of the world drag you into hopelessness. While there’s more than enough reason to fret and frown, you can’t do the thing you must do from a space of compressed spiritual matter. Stepping aside from the Very Adult Things right now may actually be the most responsible thing you can do. Just for a moment, see yourself packing your worries in a box. Step outside of that box. Refresh yourself in a revisit to your natural state, your carefree state. So what that your childhood has given you the core material of worry and woe. So what that you have carried scars from long ago. Right now, you are invited to forget that those dark moments ever existed. Heavy as they may have been, as innocuous as the application of other people’s pain or programming might have seemed, the truth is that most of those things that have compressed your spirit are not yours. Breathe deep and feel the freedom in what it is to release yourself from all of that. This is the way toward true freedom. There’s a steady light shining over your shoulder, loving every minute of your extrication from invisible burdens. Now, sort through that box of worries and see what’s just a hand-me-down, a gift, or a relic. If you’re ready to move on, you can give yourself permission to leave those things behind, with a note of thanks for lessons learned, and blessing for those who gave them.

LODESTONE: Four of Rods (reversed)

As soon as you start shifting your weight, you affect the equilibrium of the status quo. Is this reason enough to maintain your position within the current setup forever? You are part of networks, families, circles, and groups. How you define yourself by them can sneak up behind you and grab your feet, preventing you from making adjustments imperative for your well-being. It’s up to you to define yourself in the face of those relationships you have in the world at large. No matter the size of the group, no matter if it’s merely in relationship to yourself, you must at some point reach a tipping point. Such is the nature of dynamic systems. Such is the discomfort, perhaps, in growth. Are you getting signals from an inner beacon that you need to make adjustments to your bearing? Listen and respond. Observe the system. You have accepted responsibilities outside of yourself, yes, but you have no higher responsibility than to your core being. You cannot long avoid that fact. Tension and laxity are your guides now. As the world itself shifts its weight to find steady functioning within a higher state of self-aware intentionality, so you must make adjustments or be crushed within an entropy of stagnation and death. New life is calling, and with it arises a pull of movement, a new dance, a reprise of the song of life itself. If you are to be part of it, you must be willing to shift yourself into the kind of relationship with your own world that sings with viability. Do so with loving regard, and you won’t misstep.


View this moment as one of significance. You are approaching a point at which the splintered aspects of self merge into a unified, multifaceted whole. Your journey through time, through temporality, grants you limitless perspective. Every choice you have ever made has led you to this immanence of being, this emergence into an unfractured understanding of who you are, who you have been, and who you are becoming. At this point of integrated balance, you stand on the boundary of selfhood, yet never have you been closer to the exact center of being. A new dimension of awareness of who you are awaits. Indeed, you are already gathering yourself into the experience. If you notice some feelings of fear, trepidation, or nervousness, know that you are not alone. All of who you have ever been accompanies you now. Your singular point of awareness assimilates with every other point of awareness, stripped down to its bare essence every one, and joins into a wholeness of knowing. You know very well who you are. The process of remembering has led you back to your point of departure yet heightened, rarefied, sanctified in identification with timeless love. It is who you are, you know. Love is the nature of life. Given the complexities you have witnessed of late, you are called to remember this. Gather now and come back to this remembrance. The choice that faces you requires nothing less, and promises your total transfiguration.


“In the land of love and peace, there are no wrong creations, only love making itself hidden, moving in shadows, laughing quietly at the loveless illusion the world believes is real. In the blink of an eye, love pours opalescent light over the darkest night and everything is transformed. On Nemesis’ chores love applies itself and slips in between the cracks of humans’ carefully crafted exterior personas. OM knows where every dent and ding hides. By pushing forward, OM keeps you from getting stuck in a space and time of more or less knots of energy.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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