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Cosmic Uncertainty Shifts

Summary: Everything is coming into alignment in the circuitry of internal astrophysics. Stellations of understanding create core arrangements, ushering fundamental relationships undeniable in their drive to impulse your higher mind into absolute charge. In the gap between what is and is not exists perfect equanimity; from there arises the birth of memory. You lose nothing and gain everything in surrender to transient god-filled potential finding its nest in the undying roots of life. Soon enough, you will emerge from polarized roads into the fertile fields of remembrance realized. Signals from the subtle realms become full-fledged artifacts attesting to your bold audacity in trusting your intuition. Never before have you come so close to oblivion to see it reveal its true face as your soul. Before you overthink anything, do yourself the favor of allowing your higher self to settle in.

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The High Priestess — Ace of Pentacles (reversed) — Nine of Pentacles

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Never before have you come so close to oblivion to see its true face, soul. Before overthinking, do yourself a favor: let higher self settle in. #pleiadian #releasetheprogram #ninespath Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: The High Priestess

Having narrowed your options with regard to how you choose to see yourself, the mirror of your inner mind is primed and ready to receive input from wherever you open it to. Gateways of understanding are in position to collect information and funnel it into the repository of all-knowing that rests deep within your awareness of self. Distractions are transmutable, into playthings, tools, and signals. Like a high-tension wire, your capability to channel massive amounts of charge has never been more ready, nor has your physical vessel been more attuned to the process of transformation inherent in knowing. Having recently been turned inside out and upside down, could you be more ready to settle into a seat of knowledge and take in the sights of the higher plane you find yourself on? Rest has led you to receptive surrender. Universal forces have had their way with you, dredging from your subconscious imprints the tracings of a pathway receding into dust. The transformation from unknowing to initiate has come full circle, and has brought you into psychic fecundity. Streaming through portals long sealed come inspired wavelengths perfectly attuned to your unique station. Provocative, this inpouring of living data. Stillness and poise will provide the perfect alignment for maximum receptivity, to the limit of your current state of being and past the point of self-knowing. Meet with one-pointed awareness the loving ingress of divine knowing. Inflow and outflow find absolute equilibrium.

LODESTONE: Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

Seeds planted now take root in yet higher planes of life. Recent underpinnings of vertigo-inducing shifts in perspective have given you a natural approach to the absolute creative force, and the roots will soon yield fruit. It is up to you to recognize the strain and framework upon which a vibrant lifeforce finds form. This is the moment at which higher aspects of self receive the core seed that you have prepared. By stripping away all that has hitherto adorned who you are, by relinquishing the personas no longer viable, you reveal sacred inner geometries come to life. Observe with reverence as seed intelligence moves within the understandings that bubble to the surface of your conscious mind. Allow the angles and vectors that alter the code of potential, animating dormant faculties and triggering remembrance. Everything you’ve been accustomed to dissolves beneath you. Your footprints have become indistinct, and in the face of inevitability presenting itself, immaterial. The vitality of nature’s sublime physics calls you to release into a quantum jump. Without the underpinnings that have defined who you were, you are free to succumb to universal forces drawing you upward, outward, into a more refined elementality of being. It is a moment of recognition and celebration! No longer bound, you can finally touch — and feel the touch of — new life. Gather yourself into becoming.


The fruit of transformation will show itself in abundance. A multiplicity given sanction by higher mind attuned to divine coordinates naturally arranges itself into neat and orderly orchestration. Far from being limiting, nascent geometries hold the genesis points for expansion unrelenting, yet attuned to that which your soul has prepared you for. Because what comes bears the hallmarks of soul, you will find your way; just pay attention to the signals that now rise and find recognizable overtones in the strange and wonderful that comes with new territory. The order of things will function perfectly in the background. Having released yourself from the stringent demands of rectification with self-reckoning, will you allow yourself to move into the luxurious folds of a progressed modality? The mysteries of Nine herald the mastery of effort, understanding, experience, and striving. In perfected balance, your future self awaits your arrival. It is a landscape beyond the harsh dichotomies dualistic cognition affords. Rising from polarity is the sacred way, drawing you hence into the full flowering of all that you carry within. Circumstances respond to an explosion of creative brilliance, offering for those who have been paying attention to the disembodied strains of timeless melody a harmonic entrance into grand arrangements of remembered selfhood. Step into this you will, when the borderlands of self are openly breached. Home lets its revelation be fully realized from within.


“Remembrance will allow healing to happen, and once that is integrated you can forget all about it, release the souvenir, and trust that you have gained wisdom. Some time may aid, some knowledge may breathe life into your dead signal-bearing RNA, some clarity about your sane souvenir collection may be all you need to release it. No matter how poignant or beautiful the not-anymore times may have been, you are here and they are not anymore. You are more.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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