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Defy Gravity

Summary: Having turned on your heel to see where that whispering breeze is teasing you to look, have you caught the trace of the thing you’ve sought? It’s not the mental pursuit of figuring things out, but the transformational experience of merging with destiny that pulls your gaze now. What might have seemed like silent, empty space holds the secret of time’s power. Move stealthily into the quiet space where surrender grants its magnificence. You sense the greatness ahead on the path. Approach it in reverence. Soon, it will make sense, most exquisitely.

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The Fool (reversed) — Four of Swords (reversed) — Seven of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Move stealthily into the quiet space where surrender grants its magnificence. You sense the greatness ahead. Approach it in reverence. It will make sense. #pleiadian #divinity #sovereignty #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: The Fool (reversed)

Having put your foot on the path, you’re on your way to where it leads. It’s not only that you’re feeling hopeful about it (though you likely are) but that you’re following the echo of resonance. There’s more than hope in that. There’s a sense of motivation, of viability in what you’re doing. You’ve dared to step beyond the edge of the area defined by belief. Now you’re into something altogether different, and it’s swung you around toward the future. Past the linearity of moving toward something, this is working on multiple axes, not just a flat coordinate system. Yes, you’re moving from point A to point B, so it seems, but the usual maths aren’t going to help you. Best to chuck that out the window and work with something that’s both more sophisticated and more elegantly simple. Calculations based on square roots aren’t going to be as helpful as the ones that look at the overlaid spheres of the blossom. Raise your sights, keeping in mind the roots, and  be lifted by what you intuit with your mind. Yes, you can follow where it leads; it is clear and as if reborn, having grasped the initiatory import of what has come your way. It seems as if you’ve chanced upon an epiphany. Can you reach into your bag of ancient treasures and trust that you really have come to a deviation of remembrance? It is so. The road you’re choosing to move away from is the one the herd has trampled down. Despite any discomfort it brings to those watching, you are on the way to something truly great.

LODESTONE: Four of Swords (reversed)

As you consider what lay ahead for you, you may sense that you have to pull back somewhat from the world. If you are to move through your personal transformation du jour, it is well for you to disengage. So be it. You lose nothing in doing that. From where you stand, looking toward where you know you will eventually be (and understanding that you’re already there), you encounter the need for something like a triple-flip half-twist interdimensional jump. Don’t try to figure that out. Just do it. Give yourself to the stillness of being and you will find yourself having done it. Think your way through by moving into observational mode. Watch your innate knowing come online and witness what ensues. You’ll want to be comfortable for this, with space to breathe and as few interdictions as possible. Set up the mental boundary lines within which you experience sovereignty. Let what is outside of that be. It is of no consequence in this moment of sacred audience with yourself. It’s time to check in and get real with the fact that right now, you are in your very soul’s care. It is a moment of doing by not doing, of becoming by being, of understanding by letting go of needing to know, thereby emerging into knowingness. It may seem a cryptic set of circumstances, but strangely engaging to your mind. Go with it. It’s truly grand, what is happening now. The best way to get through this present reworking of time is to rise into the space of inner stillness.


You’re wise to let the words of those watching you do what you’re doing to fall by the wayside. They are mere representations of the mental chatter best silenced. While you can’t do much to muzzle the naysayers, you can certainly move into a new space within. You might be surprised at how small all the drama becomes when you do. Tempests in teapots are much more manageable from an elevated perspective. That’s where you can focus your mind now, and in doing so, feel the unfoldment of the promise into the mature, full-fledged complexity of the mage’s mysterious mastery. Silence will grant you that field of advanced perspective. It’s a way to access the manifold nature of the individuated soul doing its thing in life. You’ll find that everything will fall neatly into place, leaving little room for dust-ups of the mind. Everything really is in balance, when you consider it from the more exalted angle of what’s possible for you. Even more than possible, it is written for you, destined, agreed-upon, and willfully entered into. How, then, can it be with anything less than joy that you find yourself completely transformed? Bear wisdom within and divulge its secrets through the beneficent gaze you cast upon those worldly illusions presently entertaining various levels of awareness. You can feel in your bones that there is something greater and grander for you to emerge into. Let your silent inner framework speak. Bones decode the mystery.


“The end of time is nothing more than the end of thinking, yet consciousness and intelligence have nothing to do with the act of thought other than to clothe themselves in it for transmission through the matrix of space as you understand it to be.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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    Dear Maryann,
    Another awesome post that bears witness to what we are becoming. As we move into the new, the P Tarot, masterfully guides us into the new landscape. To peer into our linear existence from a multidimensional perspective.THE DRASTIC CHANGES THAT WE ARE SENSING RIGHT NOW WHEN WE GO OUT INTO THE WORLD IS LIKE WE ARE VISITING A STRANGE ALIEN PLANET! AND THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUER THAN WE MAY REALIZE! It’s so crazy, but oh so true. We now know that nothing is ever happening to us, but it is all happening because of us. We are becoming superhuman and invincible, taking charge of our own Sovereign destiny, where the living construct is conforming quickly now to our intentions. It is an amazing journey indeed.
    Thanx for sharing Maryann and for playing a role in the expansion of my consciousness. Your words soar above the norm, for you are plugged into a reality where nothing really matters that much anymore, which is beckoning us out of the dramas and into something that feels oh so good to me. x


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