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Greet the Light of New Awakening

Summary: Long has the world waited for the light to descend, and long have those who have carried the eternal flame of divine understanding journeyed through time. As new light breaks on the horizon, the time of bearing the light is coming to an end, and new souls arrive to lead humanity forward. Let the baptism be complete, and know that you are accompanied by great and powerful help from outside the boundaries of “normal” reality. Old understandings are making way for a new insight, carried into the world within the knowingness of enlightened souls. The heavens watch with love as grace descends upon a new landscape of time.

The Hermit — Judgment — The Chariot

Foundation: The Hermit

Lightbearers, are you tired? Watching the world for signs of wakening, leaning on strength hard-won through lifetimes of struggle against the encroaching blanket of darkness that has plagued humanity for millennia? Look beyond the lantern that you carry and see that the dawn is breaking. It is sneaking up behind the edifice of manufactured isolation from what lay beyond the limits imposed upon the world. Help is arriving, and not a moment too soon. Rest and stand vigilant, high in the knowledge of your work well done; know that the time of quarantine is over. Darkness is dissolving and shadows fleeing, as a light eternal and brilliant floods planetary consciousness. Receive the blessing.

Lodestone: Judgment

Listen, can you hear the blast? The whispers that were rising up within you are impossible now to ignore. A herald is at hand, and the message is coming through more clearly: Souls, arise, and be welcome in this world! In awe of the OMward-pointing intent of this unmistakable clarion call, the newly born come from the depths of divine consciousness to take part in the world’s dying drama and to step boldly into a land refreshed and laid bare for rebirth. The baptism is done, the higher realms break through the boundaries, and dust-laden clouds depart. You are beings of truth and understanding, reaching forth to take the invitation to instill a new understanding of humanity into a world ready to receive a fresh vibrational code of life. Trust the revelation.

Most OMward Direction: The Chariot

Push aside the dead vestiges of control that polarity exerts in the delimited space of time, and emerge with a greater understanding… that of balance, wholeness, and Nine. Everything that has been is in the temporal fields of the past, and what lay ahead is in the care and watchful attention of a greater mind above our earthly restrictions of consciousness. You are leading the way for what comes, which yet lay hidden in the time yet to be. You are adept at driving through the landscape of the legacy that has grown from esoteric mental constructs. It’s time for a new insight to break through. You are the ones who carry it in your sentient eye. Look beyond the borders of subjugated thought and move into the future in sure and loving determination.


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