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Sovereign Awakening

Summary: As the patriarchal system of social order erupts with the expansion of human consciousness, inner awareness discards outmoded ideas of sovereignty based on bloodline and lineage. You are encouraged to share the grace awareness has revealed to you with those ready to receive and awaken. With the recognition of inner divinity, the nurturing aspect of the divine feminine emerges to give power to the new concept of humanity that is being born.

Tower — Ace of Cups (reversed) — Empress

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot sovereign awakening

Foundation: Tower

The current climate of uncertainty has given many places on the planet the appearance of the Tower. The edifice of civilization is crumbling, taken from the dark blast of terrestrial power games gone out of balance, and the common citizen of divine origin is diving headlong into the wild unknown. While the sovereignty of the crown is being called into question, and being thrown into the forefront of everyone’s attention — be it truly a question of royal right or the illusion of superiority of any specific person or organization — remember that it is simply a matter of perspective that it looms so large. Truly it would fit on anyone’s head, and with the crumbling of civilization comes the recognition of divinity within the individual. Outmoded beliefs of male and female are becoming discarded, as the true light of the human being blasts through the collective consciousness.

Lodestone: Ace of Cups (reversed)

Have you been receiving divine downloads since the time you realized the heavens have opened to reveal what lay behind the illusion you’ve been sold? Such outpourings of grace from higher realms of consciousness are always seeping into the nooks and crannies of planetary humanity, but those humans who have turned their hearts heavenward have gathered great treasure from the streams of consciousness washing over the world. Now is the time to consider turning that cup over and letting the grace you’ve gathered find more hearts to fill. More is coming. You won’t be missing out if your cup is ready to receive.

Most OMward Direction: Empress

Should sovereign humanity take a step in the direction of remembering the truth of its divine nature, the feminine will emerge and the masculine engage in balance and trust of what has been, as long as time has counted days, the hidden power of life. In holding oneself in the sphere of generative love of what the spark of life animates, regardless of its outer appearance or ideations or conditioning, a person reveals the true nobility that lives inside of each one. Sadly, this happens too briefly, but the nudge from the Empress is a glowing reminder to allow what has been lost within the maze of beliefs and aspirations, what is now prepared to reveal itself, to glorify your presence as a being comfortable with the idea of loving life and fully capable of nurturing a planetary rebirth.

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