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This Is the Beginning

Summary: You’ve got the raw truth gleaming like a polished sword, ready to cut through ignorance and mayhem and come-what-may. This is to your merit, yet what is happening inside your mind is the first order of the day. Instinct will carry you without your thoughtful goading for it to follow a path of your design. Let what is happening situate you where you can appreciate in full what’s happening. It requires your attention now. As you assess what rises in front of your eyes, pay attention to your grounding. Is your enthusiasm rooted in the joy that lay ahead? If so, you can at least master any turmoil that rises within. There is where you find your fortitude.

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Knight of Swords — Knight of Pentacles (reversed) — Seven of Rods (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Raw energies released, seems you're battling alone. Extend inner focus while maintaining a fix on what you're doing. Invisible others fight alongside you. #pleiadian #divinity #sovereignty #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Knight of Swords

At this point, nothing will deter you from reaching the fulfillment of your mission. Your point is well in hand, straightforward, simple yet bold and powerful. You carry it with an unerring focus, your eyes trained, mind clear. Because of your tenacity in terms of truth, facts, and logic, not to mention your wholehearted dedication to your duty, people are taking notice. The right kind of people are seeing that you mean what you say and that you mean to carry through what you’ve set out to do. It’s more than raw instinct or a gut feeling by now. You’ve tested and found no chinks in the armor you’ve taken on. Now, it’s up to the movement. As long as you keep your mind and heart fixed on the beacon that reflects on your personal rendition of the truth, your piece of the whole, you will find success. Remember, it’s not just about you, but it matters how you think, feel, and act now more than ever. The instinct that carries you is responsive to the undercurrent of movement. Trust the way you’re tracking, knowing that a deeper intelligence has you moving in the direction of the ultimate prize. Even if you feel as if the ground beneath you is pulling you one way or another, as long as you remain steadfast in your vision, true to your mission, you will find yourself being carried with grace. It’s beyond a matter of trust now. It’s a matter of taking on the full weight of your charge. Resist the urge to drive forward alone. You’re part of something bigger and your enthusiasm is needed right where it is.

LODESTONE: Knight of Pentacles (reversed)

Despite what burns inside you, material concerns have you fixed for the moment. Rather than feeling stuck, use this time to observe. There is much that requires your attention. Right in front of you, the drama has you rapt. Suddenly, your awareness sees things for what they are. With the growing realization that you face something altogether new comes the sense that you are innately prepared. Guard against plowing ahead without a plan, for you stand at the edge of a new picture coming into focus altogether. Let it speak to you. Give your senses a break from what has held you up to now in the grip of tension, and open to what reveals itself now. Behind you, what has been tended thus far is coming into order, strongly supported and organized in accord with the forces of nature itself. Seeing does not mean creating the scene you want to see, but to open your mind enough to take in all the details that a rigid stance prevents you from appreciating. You are in a kind of learning phase in this pivotal moment, where all that you have gathered and put into form now stands to face what emerges into your field of sight. Allow the picture to give itself to you without trying to wrangle it into a form you find fitting. In fact, you may well find that you fit perfectly into the scene as you are, as you are becoming. The process is already underway, and your personal transformation now is part of a larger-scale activity. The time fast approaches. You feel a shift in the wind, but is it so much that things are changing or that you have finally turned from your labors to face in the direction from where it has steadily come?

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Seven of Rods (reversed)

When at last the raw energies are released into full play, it could feel like you’re battling everything alone. Extend your inner focus while maintaining a fix on what you’re doing, with what’s right in front of you. See if you can get a feel for the bedrock beneath your feet. You know that it supports you, and that same basis of support also gives firm footing to others standing on it just out of your range of vision. Invisible, they are engaged alongside you. Remind yourself of that when you find yourself at the edge of overwhelm. From where you stand, you have the upper hand. Give yourself to the encounter with what would have you shaken from your stance. How best to give yourself the boost you need is to attune to the joy that you’re fighting for. You’ll find your power steady from there. However, guard against your joy coming from a place of degradation itself, as you find yourself facing conflict and confusion at every turn. Too easily can a feeling of righteousness slide into the rightful place of joy. From there, it’s a twist of irony that can find you fighting yourself unawares. Settle into your internal guidance and give your ear to that. Raucous noise from outside may be coming from all angles, even those where you’d least expect it. If you’re truly ready to do the thing you’ve set out to do, politely acknowledge the naysayers and critics, the propounders and the giddy maniacs of principle, and turn toward your own source of trusted counsel. See if that boosts your moxie.


“Crowing rights notwithstanding, love crushes any letdown and cries out better than any captain, ‘Forward!’ It is all voices, all movement, all creation in one auld lang syne singing to the ones who came before and the ones yet to come of the Neros and heroes of love’s brave body. After all the battle is quiet, love comes to bring everyone home. OM.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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