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Midweek Update

By the Light of Higher Mind

Wring out the anxiety… Sure, you have reasons to worry. You’ve held on to your peace of mind for a while now, in spite of that. Does this not make you wonder if, perhaps, your worries are all in your mind? Well, even if they are real and based on very tangible real-world situations, all that could change. In fact, you can count on that to happen. The old world is slipping away, dropping the reality that goes along with it as if it’s slithering out of a sheath. Perhaps your anxiety could be better utilized as a tool for helping that transition along, on a personal level. You don’t have control over things on the outside as much as you do on things on the inside. What if you released the outer sheath of appearances and recognized truth? What remains will make the effort worthwhile. After all, it is inevitable, at this point.

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Whatever’s rising now in the inner sanctum of your awareness is giving you all the instructions you need to get through this current phase shift. In your fullness of being, you are magnifying the light of the mind. It’s all too easy to slip into complacency, but that can be a slippery slope of devolution. You don’t want to go backwards. You might not trust that you’re equipped to move forward, upward, and outward, but at this point, you are absolutely, positively sure that you don’t want to return to what you just managed to free yourself from. That’s it. That’s all you have to maintain in your mind right now. Let everything else fall with the ease that rain falls from the sky. Sometimes the release of accumulated particles of awareness comes with the ripping apart of the fabric of consciousness itself. Let it rip. Don’t fear the lightning. It will guide you in the depths of strange, new territory before the dawn settles.

Ground-level confusion abounds, but this is merely the way appearances have dropped into the scenery. The pattern might escape your ken, but it is speaking nonetheless. In this moment, while vectors are directing your attention to various angles of understanding, rise above that and get a different perspective. Your inner vision is sharper and clearer, and better able to make sense of the patternless appearance of things. Rather than dwell on the reflected light of your mind, consider turning your awareness dimensionally attuned to the source of higher, finer frequencies of light. When at last you turn your face to the light behind the sun, you will feel set free from your mental prison.

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