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Midweek Update

Clear Heads Win

Ready to risk it? Emotional turbulence can push you to the edge of making a dramatic move. Right now, if you’re feeling a sense of being unplugged from solid ground, you might consider making a bold move. You might be witnessing others doing something uncharacteristically bold, whether it’s protestations of love or the brunt of a vicious tirade. A little turbulence is to be expected when such a shift of timestreams comes into play. What you’re about to witness, what you might feel welling up within you, could come as a surprise. Even if it’s expected to come out at some point, your time of truthtelling might be pointedly making its presence known. What shall you do? Keep dreaming? Submit to a nightmare? Either option is but one side of an energetic coin flip that’s tumbling through the air in slow motion. Unlike a game of chance, however, you actually have some influence in how things play out. Are you ready to put your faith in yourself to the test?

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The dream is a beautiful thing, stirred by magic, encapsulated in a burnished orb of incomprehensible symbology, dazzling and brilliant even if its full message is as yet undiscerned. So nice is the dream that you may feel reticent to rouse yourself from its arms. After all, you have had experiences of testing reality that have fallen far short of expectations. However, if you’ve been paying attention to the higher frequencies whispering in your head, you’ve gotten the message that dropping expectations is your best bet to finding your way forward into a clear and present new reality. There need be no risk in losing the magic threads that have spun the dream into enigmatic detail, nor in finding yourself suddenly bereft of all light. How true have you been to the inner urgings of your heart in balance with the wisdom experience has provided for the taking? If you’ve been making the effort to be authentic with yourself, waking from the lullaby doesn’t have to cause any concern. Rather, it can give you the thing you’ve been missing, a thrill at recognizing love’s promise fulfilled.

For those who choose to stay bound to the loom of time’s weave, however, there’s no guarantee that the dream won’t turn south. A flip of a coin fairly weighted holds no promises for either side to come out on top. Having focused on creating the right side up, the wrong side down, you might come to the realization too late that you’re caught in a game of duality. In such a framework, there can never be a winner for long, and even the most sullen of losers will find themselves escorted from the playing field for disturbing the natural workings of chance. An exercise in stretching your creative mettle gets tiresome in such a case. Too tightly winding the thread on time’s loom to create exactly the pattern to continue a certain tapestry can get crafty fingers tangled in their own knot. Better to remove yourself quietly from the mess, allow the energies of emotion to settle into a navigable current, and rest in your assured roost of higher wisdom.

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