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Disengage to Find Your Way through the Knot

Untether yourself… There’s a heady atmosphere surrounding the current force of events. Moving into a higher gear right now is only going to intensify what potential for conflict is there, catalyzing a chain reaction that might perhaps have a less-than-beneficial outcome for all involved. Instead of barreling headlong into the fracas on your own, consider pushing in the clutch and taking yourself out of gear for a short time, just until the turbulence settles. You’ll have a better capability to steer yourself true to your own coordinate settings and ending up where you feel at home within yourself. After all, no one knows the way to the inner caverns of your heart better than you… right? Think about that, and disengage for a moment.

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While disengaging from the torque of the current stream of happenings might seem, in a way, like running away from the problem, it is far from that. In reality, your best course may not be in direct confrontation, but in rallying allies and getting your own story straight—clear, honest, and sparklingly free from the smudge of Other People’s Opinions. Other people will always have a thought or two to offer you on how you can best proceed, how you can live your life better, etc., but that doesn’t mean they’re right. Look around. There are likely some nearby who have genuine insight into your current state of affairs, and based on wisdom that itself comes from compassion, they could give you the support you need to get over your present glitch. Two heads can be better than one—even if the ideas they hold seem at odds—when the hearts are aligned in mutual regard.

Now is not a time to back down from your truthtelling but to temper any anxiety you may have that’s fueling impulse. Be wise, for the moment is delicate in its balance of polarity. Things might seem nonsensical. Disengage. Likewise, the potential for breakthroughs is high, and the forces behind the impetus for change and settling into a new groove are certainly something to be reckoned with. Measure your own inner passion against the potential benefit. Observe how things are moving. If you can disengage the blind passion from a desire to move things into place, you may notice some things about yourself that you might have missed otherwise. Getting into accord within and in trust with those frequency-matched to your longing to see peace come into being is going to have a greater impact on the outcome than full engagement. Just for the moment, coast, find your center, feel your way into the fray. Take things as they are and resist the urge to set them straight. Universal forces are at work.

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