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Energies Are Set to Change

Summary: There’s just no holding on to the way things were. No matter how prepared you think you are, it’s likely that change is going to rock your world… at least a little bit. What’s more likely to catch your attention is what happens in regard to how that change settles into direction. Inner and outer realities are striving to find harmony. Be aware of your footing. With energies set to change quite unmistakably, quite soon, the best thing you can do is seek order, focus, and harmony where you can. Inner work impacts the outer world.

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The Tower  — Five of Rods — Eight of Rods

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message, April 4 2019

With energies set to change quite unmistakably, quite soon, the best thing you can do is seek order, focus, and harmony where you can. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Click To Tweet


Here comes some truth. Are you ready for it? You are, or it wouldn’t be reaching you right now. However, you may not be prepared for it, which is another thing altogether. For some truths, there is nothing you can do to prepare, other than to maintain a clear sense of balance and nurture routines that foster flexibility and grace. Now, there has been plenty to adjust your mind to already, just in recent days. You have come to a reckoning about yourself, your relationship with time, your place in the bigger picture regarding your inner knowing of what you’re here to do. Even if that’s not crystal clear, you at least are coming around to understanding that the time is requiring a deeper level of awakening within. If that’s being required of you now, it is because you are ready to be put in place by the universal design and nudges from your soul so that you can be of the greatest effective support to the reality that’s morphing into shape. Energies are set to change, news is about to rock your world, and that can be a very good thing, if you’re ready for it. Destruction of outworn ideals isn’t the same thing as self-destruction, if you can let go and ride the wave that’s on its way.

LODESTONE: Five of Rods

Amid the cacophony of ideas bursting forth from behind the scenes, where do you stand? Certainly there are those who have been over-contributing to the tumult, feeding chaos with frenetic and ill-thought interjections, opinions, and arguments. Don’t allow yourself to get blindsided by any of this. At the same time, those who have held their silence over-long, who have lost their point as voices got drowned in the crazy sine-wave activity of late, are finding an opening for direct expression. Don’t blindside anyone by this. Right now, seek to find your own balance. Know that this is the name of the game right now, for to lose footing can spell disaster. You won’t do that, though, will you? You can really only do that by overstepping boundaries, straying from the truth, or not paying attention to where you’re grounded. A firm foundation will give you all you need to withstand what can no longer be suppressed. It might, in fact, be a good time to get back in touch with the basis of your foundation. How long has it been since you ventured into your roots? Life is stirring there. At this time nearing seasonal shift, be aware of the turbulence that accompanies change. Step back and observe, thereby modulating the frequencies.


Incoming energies are set to change everything, and to make a universal imprint very apparent soon. There’s no use resisting it. Just prepare to go with the flow. You will no doubt find it the fast track to ending up exactly where you need to be… because that’s how you order your intention, right? If you’ve not given thought to that recently, or ever, relax. Higher levels of your being have everything well in hand. All you need to do is harmonize the internal flows of energy so that you’re not in competition with yourself for forward movement. Find equanimity in your thoughts, balanced with your desire to heal, to move into wholeness, and you’ll be well on your way to fresh new fields of play. It’s likely that, following a brief burst of revelation and a hectic clearing of the decks in the aftermath, you’ll be primed and ready for what’s coming. Let your attention become laser-focused on your goal. Funnel any mental energies of worry, doubt, or distraction into wholehearted love for what you’re creating, both in your world and of yourself. You are a divine creation in the making, constantly expanding, opening to new understandings. Get your energies together and be ready to welcome a new set of circumstances.


“Nature is of Nine and constantly bunches its diversity into bundles of relative noetic form. In one instant, the most disastrous event is suddenly shifted itself into the most radiantly beneficial, generating joy where was misery and fear. The mover of perception, the weaver of new worlds is Nine. Nemesis is Nine’s agent of change, and love is its sole operational goal and certainty of self-expression. Nine may, in its workings, nearly drive you to the edge of sanity, but it will not push you over. That decision is yours alone.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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