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Give Yourself a Reminder

Undo, rewind, organize your thoughts. This is a message from your sponsor. You have come far enough along the road you’ve traveled to see the landscape has changed from what it was. Do not give up now. What you have seen has given you nightmares, perhaps, but listen closely: you only need to turn over and your nightmare can shift into a dream, and from that you can wake without anxiety. Look around. Don’t take everything at face value. Remember what you came here to do, and refocus. It’s okay if you’ve gotten off-track. In fact, it’s part of the journey, so that you learn the fine art of self-correction. Only when you gain the skills necessary for self-governance and self-control will you have the key to the new world handed to you. If you look in your pocket, you’ll find the cold edge of the key already in your possession. Handle it lightly, handle it with love, for there is a trick to getting it to fit in the lock. It requires a sensitive touch and clear, steady vision. You can have that, if you remind yourself of the core trust you carry.

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You won’t need to pull yourself all the way back to square one, but you will need to gain some kind of solid retrospective confirmation of your current position. Where you came from is a distant memory, but recently you might have noticed some reminders of ancient days popping into your daily reality show to draw your attention away from the main show. Let your attention drift momentarily to the past. Acknowledge a memory that’s come to pay homage to your journey. An old injury, no matter what its nature, has come to you to demonstrate its ability to put itself aright. Thus, you remind yourself of your innate ability to bring yourself into a state of wholeness, integrated with your soul and aligned with your original plan. Not only are you becoming more adept at handling multiple perspectives on reality, you’re gaining an appreciation of the intricacies of time travel. When the past comes for a visit, entertain it. You have no need to move from your space to gain the benefit of its appearance in your here and now. Open to it fearlessly.

Regarding the nightmare struggling to break free from the confines of an idea, be it yours or someone else’s, this too is presenting itself for review. Take a look, assess what you have in mind as you see it. Are worries warping your ability to see things for what they are? Is the multiplicity of meaning inherent in what you are considering giving you a sense of stuttering along the otherwise smooth trajectory you have decided on? Extraneous thoughts can pose an obstacle to straightforward motion, and they can tempt you to deviate from where you’ve been reconstructing your memory to guide you. If you have an idea of doing something other than what you have been doing, close your eyes and hide out with yourself, even if it’s for a few long breaths. Get in touch with what planted that idea; trace it back to its roots. Hear the voice that speaks the words giving form to the seed of the idea from which it has now come to you in full-fledged expression. Is that voice yours? If not, sink deeper until you hear your soul’s whisper. From there, you can straighten out your path.

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