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Glitch Into Now

Things are looking up… At least, you can raise your awareness to a higher level, right? Setting out with a fresh attitude might not be exactly what you’ve had in mind, though in the back of your head, you might have wanted that to be the case. Despite your best intentions, the surrounding astral environment has been kicking up some dust. Glitches in the matrix can blur lines previously perceived to be straight and on target. In fact, those glitches might just be revealing something excitingly new coming into view. Pay attention without getting distracted by obsession. Finding the joy in the spaces where inspiration comes through is going to give you a boost of new life. This is what divine attunement can feel like. Rise with it and enjoy a new perspective.

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While what’s been going on in the background has been interesting, hasn’t it been losing its color for you lately? It’s still there in all its turmoil and glory, billowing out the debris of a solid structure crashing down. Gone are the bricks and mortar that built the labyrinthine space definitions of the past. Symphonically, they follow a rhythm that time has been steadily counting off; layering one atop each other, they thunder into the oblivion of creation’s next movement. Ethereal vestiges of the promise they held rise and dissipate in the light of a new understanding of what the present moment portends. Promises aside, the flower of prayer and faith in life’s invulnerable code takes center stage with a bold, beautiful new expression.

Haven’t you been busy, stripping down all the nonsense that’s gathered in the corridors of your mental space? You’ve built that over the tick-tock of experience and observation through the time you’ve spent executing your life’s purpose thus far. Your diligence, if you step back and take a fresh look at it, has carved out a clearing around that central point in your brain that manifests the building blocks of reality’s perceptibility. Steady you are, and clear, your inner bastion of self ready to release its truth. Guardian of your beingness, you have made it to the beginning! Let the end experience its ending. Watch and enjoy the resolution of all things past. Honor the mechanism within yourself that points ever heavenward, homeward. Balance is working its way through the interplay of energetics. Soon, alignment will put everything in place for the key to turn in the lock, with grace and glory.

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