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Haven’t You Made Your Point?

You’re so done… Is there really any merit to hashing this out over and over? What once fueled your passions and served as the slogan you hoisted high overhead is now playing like a broken record, and it’s making about as much sense. In trying to make your point, have you inadvertently become the needle in a groove, digging yourself a rut? Step back and look at the situation objectively. There’s wisdom in saying your piece and moving on. Even if you don’t go anywhere, you can evolve from that point. However, in looking at it now, you may see something you hadn’t noticed before. Is there a sore spot that needs to be healed before you can really move on, in whatever way you need to? You have to give your soul some credit here. You’re being asked to look at what you think is important, and think about putting it to rest.

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Fear and anxiety can mask underlying knots of unresolved conflict. Those underlying knots can hold the sharp points of things unsaid or bitter words absorbed. You can’t see those points but you might well feel them. If you remain close to the pain, you will have more difficulty releasing it. Step back and see if you can find where those points are hidden, so that you can be free. It may not be so much a matter of wrenching them out as it is expanding yourself and thus removing the space from where they are stuck. Stepping back will give you a broader picture. Seeing where the sticking points are hidden will give you the power to be free. A brief “a-ha!” and the moving on is all you need to accomplish. No need to writhe within the thing itself, for that will just keep needling you needlessly.

Things might never be the same. Things rarely are. While patterns can repeat themselves, the psyche tends to seek expansion from the center point, to gain understanding and find greater meaning within the dynamic of being. Spiraling out requires release from the orbital pull of resentment, resistance, and self-righteousness. Like scar tissue, underlying psychic wounds can limit mobility toward transformative healing. Let go of the expectation and the need to make things be the way you think they need to be so that you can make sure your point is driven home. Trust that you’ve made your point and move on. The best crowbar you have in your toolbox to get you out of the holding pattern is forgiveness; apply it to open the space and remember that you are part of the dynamic of self and other. Forgiveness works wonders when it works both ways.

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