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Getting Clear with What Matters Most

Summary: Embrace the clearing in your mind to gather your thoughts. If you’re a bit worn out by recent events, or just tired from everything in general, take a step within and from that perspective, notice that the shadows are beginning to dissipate. Turn heartward to those who carry a common vision, even if they are not present with you, and embrace a time of real or potential celebration. Time will bring all things to a satisfying resolution and reunion with what really matters. For now, get into the core essence of what you sense is happening, and trust that from the center point, all things find their way.

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Ace of Swords (reversed)  — Three of Cups — Ace of Rods (reversed)

 Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

What's swirling around within you right now has yet to take form, but trust that it will. Gather with your closest cohorts and put like minds together. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Share on X

FOUNDATION: Ace of Swords (reversed)

Are you sure about things? How clear is your mind right now, really? You’ve been through a lot of trials, lately, and the stress has likely taken some toll on how able you feel to sort through everything that you’ve become aware of. If so, take a breath. There’s no need to push forward with a half-cocked idea. Not if you want to drive your point home, and arrive in one piece yourself, mentally speaking. Gather the energies of your mind now. From all appearances, it may seem you’ve got this ace in the hole, despite recent stress and the drain on your inner reserves that’s taken. Before plunging forward with what you think, get a clear idea about what you know. What are the facts in front of you right now? Clarity, at this moment, is your friend. It will help you find your way through the obfuscations that have recently arisen. If you take a clear look around, you’ll see that they will soon dissipate, as the substance has nothing to it. Already, this is becoming the scene around you. Get a grip on what’s true and valuable so that you can, when the time comes, bear your truth with confidence.

LODESTONE: Three of Cups

The time has come to gather with your closest cohorts and put like minds together. What you have between you all lines up to the same conclusion. Clarity of mind right now will give an air of celebration to the gathering, or if not absolute celebration, then a sense of relief at sharing what’s in your heart, together. Those you trust bear your secrets in the sacred space of the heart. You have dared to open enough of what you hold most sacred to know that you have found other souls who are in accord. You recognize what you carry is a shared tale, a common narrative, a consanguine hope for a happy ending. Enjoy the support of those others who understand where you’re coming from on a deeply spiritual level, where you’re most authentically you and you’re embraced for that. Even if those others are not physically present, their love is, their heart is with yours. Start cultivating the celebratory energies now. If you’re not already with those who welcome you home, you soon will be. Begin within.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Ace of Rods (reversed)

What’s swirling around within you right now has yet to take form, but trust that it will. It has all the markers you need to trust. It also has all the challenges you need to grow in the process of moving forward into the manifestation of it. Worries, discouragement, or just plain feeling unequal to the task all may present themselves. Take things one at a time. Do the thing. Then do the next thing. In this way, you will have the mindfulness exercise in hand that leads you to a satisfying outcome. If you have too many things in your head, take some action that helps you get a plan. If you have too many things happening around you, or even to you, find the center point and pull in there. Even though you might have trouble centering at first, there is indeed a nucleus to the nascent energies that you feel have a logical and fulfilling conclusion. You’re not there yet. You may not even be at the beginning line yet. However, all that’s needed to manifest something magnificent is present. If raw potential is all you sense, well and good, take it for what it is. Your best bet, moving forward, is moving inward, toward the essential point of everything. Nothing else really matters. See all that other nonsense starting to dissipate?


“Know this: Just as the rogues left their descendants and their legacy, so did the heroes of that time. In remote outposts do they gather, saving the remnants of memory no longer machined as a whole, no longer secreted in a central node.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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