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The Way of a Great Teacher

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any reflections on the weekly Pleiadian messages that come through the tarot cards. My previous post was about transformation, and in large part centered on my experience with the most formative teacher I’ve had the privilege of working with in this lifetime, Barry Green. That surfaces again now, so it’s time to revisit, and reflect, and bring to you some juice squeezed from this week’s message, “Having Fun with the Projections of Your Mind.”

Slammed with Bad News

Almost immediately after posting this selection of cards, I was bracing myself for whatever way the energies of the Ten of Swords might manifest in my own experience. Understand that I don’t merely pick a few cards and toss them on the site for a random handful of people to get. I live them. Every one of them. I use the messages that come through them as you do, as tools to glean deeper meaning and higher realization from my journey. Seeing the week start with such a dire-appearing image as this, I said a prayer that whatever comes, may it lead to deep and beautiful transformation for all.

Then I read the news: Barry had passed away after a short but aggressive encounter with lymphoma. Suddenly a lynchpin of my experience of becoming, awakening, empowering was gone, leaving in its wake an opening to time travel. Time to revisit and reflect. To go back and make sure I haven’t missed anything, get realigned with my core, with the divinity that dwells there.

To be honest, I’m not sure how he’d approach my use of tarot cards in the transformational work that I do here. I think, perhaps, he’d be intrigued. He’d certainly recognize the message. At the core of his teaching was radical honesty and daring to go into the places of pain, to get past limitations of belief that keep us from experiencing joy and to find love in everything. Find where it’s hiding.

Ten sharp points in the back in the picture translated to honoring that teaching, surrendering to the process. Transformation consistently requires that.

Doing the Work

Here we are in the tumult of the week, so we shall look at the central Lodestone position card: Seven of Swords, reversed. Remember, this is about examination of self-deception (one of Barry’s specialties). I have been offered some creative ways to look at what I believe about my work and my mission in this world. Certain things haven’t been working so well, logistically, while others have been going through a bonanza of creative renewal. I’m hoping the technical issues are stimulating me to say sayonara to unnecessary baggage, and the creative renewal is going to be serving a surge of freshly-awakened hearts and minds who find their way here. All that aside, digging deeper, this is a time to even more closely shave remnants of outmoded thoughtforms and mental habits away from the emergent illuminated core being. Shave close to the bone now. Layer after layer of self-examination has brought us deep. If you tire of seeing weekly messages that hint at making that dive into authenticity, recalibrate your mindset to see that this vital work has to be done a layer at a time. There isn’t an all-at-once method to doing the work, miracles and divine intervention aside. But that’s another story.

How have you been challenging yourself lately? Are you taking the bid to look at what lingers as vestiges of mental frameworks? Is what’s left after taking a long, honest look really worth carrying along? For me, personally, I feel like I’m pulling out pins that have held down my free flight. I really don’t have an idea of what that will look like, but I know what it feels like. It feels like a wise and patient teacher is watching me doing my work, and nodding in approval that I’m daring myself to do my own untethering.

It feels like a wise and patient teacher is watching me doing my work, and nodding in approval that I'm daring myself to do my own untethering. Click To Tweet
Walking Away Gives Perspective

I haven’t seen Barry since I moved away from California 15 years ago, where I was his student and he was my teacher, mentor, and midwife to Self. Over the course of just a few years with him, I underwent total transformation. How magnificent is the soul’s engineering, when it brings together so many disparate experiences and connections at a time when we are ripe for massive evolution… As I said, he was the lynchpin within a collection of happenings all focused on a brief time in a powerful place.

This far removed, I can see where I’ve come from and what I’ve created. It is a creation of love and an offering of gratitude for the gift of living an awakened life. Yet in this world of illusion, there is always more to experience, and to build upon. While it may be a puzzle to the conscious mind, the heart knows the way there.

walk away eight of cups nine's path pleiadian tarotSo it comes, as the midweek card shows, to the point of turning back to source. Are you feeling it’s time to take some form of spiritual trek, inwardly or outwardly, to remove yourself for a time from the work of creation? Answer the call for self-renewal, and you may find the thing that brings beautiful balance to what you’re endeavoring to do. What you have learned thus far has brought you to this point. The final piece is for you to find on your own. Honor your source.

Do you dare step beyond the path that you know already? If you find that daunting, think for a moment… is it not the path of all teachings? You know it well, if you have found the way to the heart. The heart has more to offer for those ready to seek.

What the Best Teachers Teach

Self-deception is something that leads to unbounded transformational freedom, when it’s honestly and fearlessly confronted. To me, this isn’t just a belief. It’s an experience, one that Barry shepherded me through the finer—and sharper—points of.

Barry sensed the right time to say the right thing, to ask the right question, or to stay deafeningly silent. Honor for such a great teacher never dies. Click To Tweet

How many teachers have you had in your lifetime who have challenged you to surpass your limitations? How many have needed you to stay within the limitations of doubt to secure their own position of self-righteousness? Chances are, you’ve had some of each, and more of the former if you’re fortunate. The very best ones will help you find the way to rise above the limitations, either self-imposed or accepted from another. They’ll sense the right time to say the right thing, to ask the right question, or to stay deafeningly silent. Honor for such a great teacher never dies.

Teach me how to see what I’ve been blind to, and you give me the keys to a prison door. You give me, as well, the duty and the privilege to share that with others in the way most appropriate, most grace-filled. Reflection on that gives you all that you need to be the great teacher to another, after you have had the experience of teaching yourself what your inner teacher is sharing with you. Such are rare, yet at the same time, a honed awareness will recognize such a one in everyone, everything. This is attunement to grace, and the primordial Teacher within.

Don’t deceive yourself. You do have that within. Perhaps, when a great teacher leaves, the challenge is to finally, unquestionably recognize that for yourself.

Projecting Your Imprint

As you go about living your life, you touch countless lives you probably aren’t aware of. Especially if you’re on social media, especially if you’re out in the public world, the legion of anonymous people you interact with might give you pause. So pause. Consider the imprint you project, where it sources from, what it carries. If you are wise enough to understand the concept that everyone and everything is your teacher, then perhaps you are wise enough to consider that you, too, are regarded this way. You, in your myriad mindless movements, your casual conversations, your entertaining of passing thoughts, are projecting from within some cast of light. Others pick up on it. Gives pause, doesn’t it, to consider the repercussions… I mean, the opportunities to shift another’s self-perception toward their own divine inner teacher?

Thus the final sword is drawn from your own back, thrust there some time ago in self-doubt and removed by force of self-reflection. Honor the lineage of consciousness that moves through the inhabitants of this world, as do the greatest teachers. You do well to integrate that understanding. The world is sorely in need of that ageless light amplified, yes, by you.

Some Points to Consider:

  • Get out of your own way.
  • Don’t be in a hurry.
  • Feel.
  • Ask yourself questions. Keep it simple (sweetie).
  • Dare to love yourself. It’s okay.
  • Breathe. Deeply. Through the pain. Trust your breath.
  • Get grounded and find your balance.
  • Always remember that you are a great carrier of light.

These are some of the things that come to mind as I ask myself what I learned from Barry. They aren’t his concepts. He simply carried them, with little baggage, and with great respect for all who came his way for study, mentorship, or healing. They are timeless facets of a great wisdom.


Finally, the card for the week’s Most OMward Direction illustrates projection of inner light to manifest the soul’s most divine complement that this moment calls for. What can you create from within the clarity of innerspace without the clutter of mind? From here we move forward, individuals shining from within, together reflecting within that clarity the light of self-recognition in another. From here, can we become an opalescent emanation of the greatest of teachings and the greatest of teachers, Love?

Free yourself from whatever yet challenges you to succumb to self-doubt or limitation of any kind. Breathe deep into that very spot where the thought has you stuck. Expand into that and give grace to it. Be free, be whole, and be the reflection of the highest teachings of Love.

I wish you peace.


Barry Green, Ph.D., was my teacher and mentor during the most intensely transformational period of my awakening. His mastery of body-mind integration, body psychology, trauma release and so on have touched many and rippled through countless lives. Through my work with Barry, I dedicated my life to healing. I count myself most fortunate to have studied with this brilliant, warm, and funny man. You can find out more about him and his transformational teachings (and courses) at his website. There, you can download an excellent and insightful slide show to more fully understand the power of release. 



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    Big hugs and love, your teacher will for sure be very proud of you, and will be around, somehow.

    No coincidence, the topic about teachers seems to be popping up. Some years ago a friend of mine, who was the one who taught me basic notions about healing and dowsing with pendulum passed away. Back then the disappointment and sadness were too great, and these past weeks she has been so much in my mind, and a whole unknown story enfolded in my soul in relationship to who her own teachers were and the impact they still have indirectly in this lifetime in my soul.

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      It’s a story that keeps expanding, the one these great teachers open up to us. I know Barry and I looked to the same guru as part of our personal lineage of learning. One can only hope to be found worthy of having learned enough to be welcome some day into their company. That whole lineage is still alive, yours and mine, and all eventually back to the source of all knowing-being. Much love <3

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    Wow yes, so very true…

    Part of the lyrics of a song that came to my mind, perhaps the translation is not 100% accurate, but you get the idea:

    Do not leave it for later,
    Also, do not do it ahead of time,
    All things have their moment, look for it
    That exact moment, that point,
    Where dreams converge,
    Where ours converge,
    Where we converge
    That point where dreams converge,
    Where ours converge,
    Where we converge…

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    Thank you for being a great teacher, dear sister. May the best teaching traditions never die. I think that your post on this part of your journey was a good reminder about finer points regarding the relationship student-teacher. <3 ^_^

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    I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your teacher who had such a profound impact on your life. What a gift he must have been. Through you and his other students, you helped him to attain to his next level. We are all of tender hearts these days…


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