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Time to Walk Away

Walk away… Even if it’s only for a little while, you know that right now a break from what you’ve been living as reality is necessary, healthy, and ultimately good for you. As well as you’ve been doing, focusing on your inner state, clearing up the debris from past disappointments or brokenness, you have come to a point where the universal rhythm is pointing you toward a new direction. Take it. It will lead you, if you follow with instinct attuned, to finding that missing piece from your personal puzzle. Fashion yourself whatever you need to help you on your way, and forget, for a while, what has been your concern. It’s been a long time since you’ve really noticed this, but you probably have been spinning your wheels looking for traction. You’ll move ahead once you walk away from things as they are. Rediscovery of self will make all the difference in the world. Time for a little change.

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Every now and then, the cycles of the soul beckon. You have little choice but to respond. Allow your feet to carry you on. It’s time to return to the source of renewal, to wash yourself clean of layers and layers of empty shells, remnants of periods of expansion, growth, evolvement. Taking care of the business of setting your heart aright with the path of soul has brought you to the sacred places. From there, you have constructed a viable networking of self-knowledge, and it’s brought you to levels of functionality that astound even yourself. At this point,  you’ve tasted just about everything the current epoch of life has to offer. Assessing yourself thus far, you’ve done a pretty amazing job at creating from pure inspiration. Now, however, it’s time to walk away from that creation and find what awaits. It’s not going to happen without you daring yourself a little bit.

While walking away from the situation from within which you operate is not something you ever dreamed nor hoped for, you might, upon reflection, feel the appropriateness of a spiritual trek at this time. Is it becoming more apparent to you that the only way to expand further is to move? Is there some call you feel drawn to respond to? Follow those never-failing celestial lights that have been present in your beingness since you have first drawn breath. Your inner truth is showing you some secrets of its framework. Leave the dressing of who you consider yourself to be, and you will find greater authenticity of being. Listen to the whispers on the winds of change. It may be time to turn in a direction against the current in order to find yourself more at home. Hearken to the cycles that turn now, for they are opening up a passage to greater self-discovery than you would find by staying within a space where stagnation becomes a problem. You’re covered. You’re guided. All you have to do is go.

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