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Having Fun with the Projections of Your Mind

Summary: Well, isn’t this an interesting point in time? The projections of your mind have firmly implanted themselves precisely where you couldn’t see them coming. Now, you can decide whether to sacrifice yourself to them and become a victim of belief, or to finally, irreversibly get the point. Be careful with self-deception; carefully examine what comes up in your thoughts. In fact, it may just be best to clear things out. Give yourself space for something wonderfully self-affirming to come into view. What a feeling that is to hold in mind!

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Ten of Swords  — Seven of Swords (reversed) — Two of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Beware the projections of your mind. You might not like how things look right now, but that's largely a function of your belief. Open to new possibilities. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Ten of Swords

Things might not be going the way you’d like them to go, nor even the way you think they should. However, that’s no reason to lay down and let the vultures circle. What looks like the end of the road might just be the inevitable dead end you were traveling on. Beliefs are funny things. They can make a road sign look like the all-clear, even though to the eyes of infidels it might warn caution. Within a holographic reality, one thing may take on myriad appearances, depending on the aspect of the one witnessing events. No matter all that, what’s important now is how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and what you’re doing. If you feel like succumbing to gravity and letting everything you thought and feared pierce your being, you may well satisfy yourself with such self-immolation. Or, you may decide to let yourself feel the truth of what you’ve been carrying in the face of current circumstance. Either way, you’ll get the point. Chances are, the more you give into awareness, the less you’ll actually suffer, in the long run. While the situation may feel dramatic, there’s little sense in becoming over-dramatic yourself. Sit with your thoughts, then pick yourself up. It’s not as bad as you thought, and you’ll be better off with the truth than what you had believed the truth to be. Become aware of the projections of your mind.

LODESTONE: Seven of Swords (reversed)

There are no shortcuts, and eventually every mask will fall. That includes yours, if you’re wearing one. A little makeup to enhance what’s naturally there is one thing, but portraying yourself, or someone else, to be someone you think more accurately fits the bill is quite another. The same holds true for dogma, ideology, and canon. Fit yourself in as you think is right, but if it isn’t right for your soul, it isn’t going to stick. You’re eventually going to be faced with some blistering realization about how things are, both within and around you. Despite the impact belief can have, there is a right way and wrong way to do a thing, as well as creative other ways. What you have before you now is requiring you to weigh what you have in mind against what’s right and true. That “right and true” often, you will find, exists outside the boundaries of what you’d held as such. Sure, it may be feasible to do things in a creatively different way. It may be that you think it’s the only way to get to where you want, to see the results you desire. However, be very clear about what you’re doing. While you think you can buck the system, it may be that you’re only deceiving yourself. Time for asking some questions, and listening to the ever-constant soul for answers.


Wouldn’t you like to end up in a space where you’re recognized for your inner beauty, your truth is heard and acknowledged, and you share a point of balance with others of like mind? If this feels good to you to contemplate, hold it high in your mind. Let the light of that shining thought drench your beingness with a light that makes your heart overflow with hope. If you believe anything, let it be in this potential, where your heart is fulfilled and the mirror you gaze into shows you the true beauty of your spirit rather than the projection of your mind. Too cluttered is the mind, so often littered with the debris of past exploits and unfulfilled dreams. Radical clearing of all the beliefs you’d been clinging to will allow a new space before you. Reality will fill it with what you allow yourself to experience, but it will also remind you where you’ve neglected to purge any remnants of nonsense and thoughts about the way things ought to be. The way things are is something of a mystery. For those who nurture clarity of mind and vision, it can be a brilliant thing to behold. Are you ready?


“Do you ever encounter shadows? Are you ever without an external source of light to bounce off of the projections that surround you? We suggest you look ahead just a bit in the direction which you sense as home, and allow that connection to light you from within, so that the consciousness which created the landscape of your waking dream may be lit from within your own being, eliminating the possibility of lampposts casting forms of shady illusion across your path.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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