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Let It Shine

Let it shine… With recent reality resets, it’s likely that your inner-outer balance is a little on the skids. Now’s not the time to shutter yourself in, to hide your light behind, under, or otherwise out of sight. Now’s the time to get out of your own way and let your light shine. Despite hopelessness, jadedness, or despair, you nonetheless carry vital information within your understanding that the world needs now. You don’t have to shout from the mountaintops in order to contribute to the growing glow of awareness that’s breaching the high places. Be aware of that spark that peeks out from behind the peaks. Be aware of how you could be (unintentionally, of course, right?) standing in your own inner sunbeam. Are you blocking your light from reaching where it needs to be? Are you ready to let it shine? Here’s an important hint: Don’t try too hard.

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Just as you are part of a larger social structure, like it or not, so your inner unintelligible light encodements are part of a larger geometry of awareness. You don’t have to try to transmute it. You don’t have to decipher the photonic tesselations that emanate from your spiritual sensibility. Your own recognition of yourself as a carrier of light is enough to do the job. If you’ve been groping in the dark within yourself without hope of making sense of it all, relax. You don’t have to figure this out. In fact, you can’t hope to understand the depths of what’s happening right now unless you step back from the majestic architecture of Mind and appreciate exactly how esoterically magnificent you are. The inner structures of light that make up the perceivable reality have a lot more information to unleash, if you give them room. Then you’ll be set to amplify and illuminate in a soul-satisfying way.

It may be that the shapeless mounds of degradation that seem to be piling up where before was a recognizable point of meaning have left you without hope of getting a grip on, much less shining, your light. If you feel left out in the cold, dark meaninglessness of a reality that’s swiftly losing structural integrity, know that the structures themselves merely shadowed an imperishable space of sacred being. You carry that wherever you go. Like a tent in the wilderness, you can create the framework of sacred being and drape it with your own hues and modulations of light-beingness. Light is at the core of every shape and structure, even the darkest of shadows. Try to relax and gather your inner focus to appreciate the ever-present aspect of light that lives within your own shape and structure. Breathe into its inner residence and dwell there with it a while. Letting it shine will feel effortless as you do.

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