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The Elemental Feminine Hides a Surprise

Summary: The elemental feminine is not so much about discovering your inner goddess as it is about nurturing your own self into being. What secrets will you discover, as you submit to the grander cycles of cosmic temporality? The clock’s cycle gives a signal that the time has come to rise from the cage of darkness that had held the gates closed, to see unmistakably the guiding light of self-knowing leading you beyond what limitations you had known. The time of giving and receiving is a time of self-reckoning. It will all work out, as a new system comes into place.

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The Empress  — The Moon — Six of Pentacles (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message, April 18 2019

You're called back to your elemental feminine, your native strength of spirit, your truth, for long eons guarded by gatekeepers in the dark. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Share on X


The consecrated elemental feminine has not lost her luster. If anything, through the ravages of time, she appears as burnished as the sun itself. Her hands yet hold the power of life and birth. One is holding a surprise. What could it be that she has to reveal? We cannot know until we succumb to her time, celestial time, sacred time… which means we must submit to timelessness. Only then will we come into accord with her secrets. What’s covered her heart has been stripped away. What remains is open space where she invites us to dive into finding her, and ourselves, within her sacred heart. The air is clearing around her risen spirit, released from the bondage of time and form, free to inspire anyone able to meet her gaze. Can you hold it? The love can become overwhelming. You must tap into the secrets of yourself, allow your own heart’s vault to become wide open to the elements of nature. New life is waiting, but you have to step past the things that had held your own eternal feminine nature, your own life-sustaining, loving nurturance of self to express itself anew. Step out of what was into what is, and discover what you are capable of becoming. New worlds of understanding await.


The time has come for you to bring your inner world into balance. You can push only so far before your guardians of the hidden roads begin to howl within you, calling you back to your elemental feminine, your native strength of spirit, your truth. For long eons has this been guarded by gatekeepers in the dark, yet now the way is clear for you to claim the inner kingdom for yourself. You must, for now the vestiges of a fear long repressed rise for reckoning. That which must show itself is bare for all to see, save for a shell self-fashioned that scarcely hides the mechanics of primordial urges to be. There is light in the shadows for those who dare raise their field of vision to the vaults of abyssal darkness; from deep within the self is life stirring to break through the boundaries, self-imposed or otherwise. Light’s promise does not disappoint. Only the pathway, sometimes, when expectations are unmet. Reel in to the space of intuition. Let the primordial self shine through the doubt of becomingness into the proof of being. You are. You know. You understand. Remember this, and move forward in the light of self-knowing.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Six of Pentacles (reversed)

Is it ever to late to make amends? To oneself, you have all the time in the world. At some point, you must come to a reckoning, where you’re faced with the mirror and the hand holding the treasure. You are the one holding the gold, and you are the reflection in the mirror. You also hold the measure of goodness. How much will you give to yourself? What will you place on the balance against your own self-worth? While you weigh up what you’ve accomplished against what has yet to be done, remember you have a feather in your cap. Perhaps you’re ready to step out of the current picture with its weights and balances. The former age has brought itself to a fitting end; a new age beckons. If you are ready to explore a new constellation of possibility, you have merely to say so, to tidy up what remains to be put into rightful order, and forgive those odds and ends that remain. Your soul is sweeping up after you, finding the remnants of forgotten glory to piece together into a new picture. Accept what is given and get back on your feet. You’ve got lots to give, and much to receive.


“Divine mind, prawns, and stars are energies in form. Sanctity, sanctity is only in itself meaningful when given meaning and so does need the form given to it by consumptive beings. It is not divinity which is drowning in a bath of dogma. Rather, it is dogma which is drowning in a bath of consciousness. You consume dogmas until you are full — or fed up — then catalyse the elemental energies to dance with greater ones.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted only with link to original post.

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