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You’re in it… Do you feel, especially lately, that you’re in two worlds simultaneously? As dimension itself shifts, you are, in a way bridging one reality with another. The solid, sure ground you stand on seems at times like a fluid sea of potential. Such positioning in the coordinate space of time can lead to your senses picking up signals that are neither here nor there. Be both firm in yourself and fluid in regard to what is happening around you, lest you lose yourself in the movement of destiny. It comes ever closer, you know, to realization of what has seemed for so long like a far-away light in the sky. Let time flow more freely within your grasp. You are secure in where you need to be, even if that feels like, at this moment, merely the thinnest thread of hope.

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When you notice glimmers of “something” just beyond the edge of your field of vision, it can take you by surprise. As much as you entertain yourselves with fantasy and horror on the other side of a liquid reality screen, when something pops up within your sure space of being, it can hoist you, momentarily, out of your space. When you start to see behind the screen, things can get very interesting indeed. You can easily slip into the feeling that you’re completely alone in what you’re experiencing, disconnected from the familiar, surrounded by something unbounded, indescribable, alien to your sense of being. At such times, you can help yourself rise by attuning to what comes from higher mind, from threads of awareness that shimmer within what can otherwise come across as dark visitations from the in-between. You’re on track for something better than you may at this moment be capable of discerning.

You’re not an island, separate, but part of a cosmic wholeness, even when all you can do to maintain an upright perspective is grab onto something familiar, something trusted. As the flow carries you into a broader conceptual field, challenging awareness to expand beyond your comfort zone, reaching for a stabilizer might not work. Remember, you are well within the flow now. Perspectives are shifting. You cannot hold onto a moment of comfortable reckoning any more than you can clench water in your hand. The flow cannot be stopped. Attune to the movement of now, and recognize that it is in a flux state. You will not lose yourself within it, if you allow yourself to rise. You may need to crank your inner frequency dial a little further to the open position. This movement is not a little thing. Closing yourself off to it will lead to discomfort in the long run. Are you willing to receive something that’s been outside of your line of sight? Raise your eyes and your heart will follow.

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