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Change of Mind

Summary: The theme of change takes on added dimension now, and you’re being asked to move. Relax, it’s you who’s asking yourself. Rise, step out of a customary frame of mind or state of affairs, do something to rouse yourself from a dark dreamstate into a new angle of light. It’s your heart and not your head that bears the truth of this moment forward. Celebrate the revelation of like minds recognizing common ground. Ready or not, paradigm shift is activated. It will take some getting used to, but all in all, it’s a change for the better.

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Three of Cups — Five of Pentacles (reversed) — The Hanged Man

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Slowly, the undercurrent draws closer destined connections. Move out of fear and see the pattern emerge. A change in perspective might be what you need. #pleiadian #divinity #transformation #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Three of Cups

If you’ve been feeling like a ship alone on the sea, that’s set to change. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that beginning to happen. The undercurrent, invisible, has been moving in the depths. Those other lonely souls who have been gazing toward the horizon are also about to feel something change in the field of vision. Slowly, methodically, with great precision, the undercurrent has been drawing closer those whose soul fulfillment is about to meet up with destined connections. Flitting through your present reality screen are threads of reconnection to help you practice some of the skills that will come to the fore as more substantial presences begin to braid into your timeline. No more lounging in the den, waiting for things to happen. It’s time to get back on your feet and prepare for the thing. You won’t want to sit out the celebration that starts when hearts of common spirit discover—or rediscover—each other. A word of advice as you rise: Keep your attention on the resonance of the heart rather than the projections of the mind. The beauty of the moment is in the richness and variety of how the human soul takes expression, not in the sameness of intellectual homogeneity. Be ready to extend through your heart and be recognized for it. All illusions down, you are quite spectacular in your own expression of soul. Are you aware of that?

LODESTONE: Five of Pentacles (reversed)

Have your fears come to fulfillment? Look around, take stock of things. If you sense some lack of substance, is it more in your projections of mind than in the actual fulfillment of reality? While you may or may not be sitting in the lap of luxury, in fact such a perch is really a matter of perspective. Conditions improve substantially by shifting your point of view from agitation to enthusiasm. What feels better than an end to waiting, after all? Blessed relief is hanging in the air, whether you’re sensing it yet or are still in a holding pattern. The more you relax into the present turn of the kaleidoscope, the more of the pattern you’ll see. Allow it to reveal itself without scrunching up your eyes, thus blinding yourself to the possibilities inherent in the design. As an observer, witness a grand play of consciousness taking form before your eyes. As a participant, feel the warmth of welcome beckoning you to enter into a different angle of light in the space you occupy. As a manifestor of dreams and poet of your own reality, step out of one frame and into another. If you’ve been feeling left out of the picture, it’s time to trust your footing and shift your perspective. You have a lot going for you, even if you’ve grown accustomed to seeing dust on your toes from treading a well-worn path. Raise your eyes from an angle of habitual discernment, and turn the picture around.


It’s not only outer projections you might want to look at differently. It might be yourself. And you might find that it just happens as if by its own accord, that your take on current situations makes a U-turn. Will it be a turn for the better? It will be a change, indeterminate as to its relation to your current paradigm of perception. What’s entering into your awareness will be defined by a whole new set of parameters. You won’t be able to size things up until you step into that space. Baby steps are done. Shuffling along with the crowd is done. You’re requiring of yourself a step up in the evolutionary scale of self-definition, self-reflection. As it’s a big step, it will likely seem like you’re suspended in time. Don’t feel like you have to rush this. Anyway, you can’t. It is all on a timescale that you will adjust to as it settles into place around you. Fluidity is more amenable to acclimation than is digging in against the current. Solidity of your own awareness of yourself will take on a new dimension as you allow your senses to adapt. Of course, you can choose to remain staunchly within the space where you are. You can just say no to change. That won’t stop it, though, and you might find yourself dangling like a leftover thought without relevance to a new milieu. As you face the moment of do-as-you-wish, consider what it is that you stand for. Surrendering to a polarity shift might make it clear to you where you’re stuck, even if that’s as small a thing as asking “why?” where you would otherwise emphatically declare. You might see things differently, and that might be just what you need.


“The driving force of culture impacts your experience and to the extent that you participate, you are at the mercy of nature’s interaction as dictated by the culture’s collective action and paradigmatic thought-matrix. What, then, is your response when you see that the paradigm of the culture is at odds with what you see as sane? Are you doomed to suffer simply because you have residence in a particular region, speak a particular language, or have adopted particular habits unique to a cultural paradigm? Not if you see your participation as renegade.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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