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Can You Feel the Rising Joy?

Positive outlook… It appears that you are doing something right, and getting the details of things lined up neatly. It could be that the old wisdom passed down through the ages has something to it. Take care of the details, and trust that the bigger plan will accommodate them. Even better than you can possibly imagine, the picture is shaping up to be most satisfying. What’s the trick? Nothing special, really. It doesn’t take elaborate ceremony to get in alignment, if you have the peace within to settle your dream into. However, as long as there’s chaos swirling at your feet, you could well find a little personal ritual to be helpful to anchor into. As chaos dissolves into the fertile energies of life, you might find yourself in a more natural swing with regard to that all-important divine alignment. How do you feel?

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When you find the groove of higher magnifications of soul experience, it becomes easy to see the geometries at work behind the reality screen before you. Rooted in trust, cognizant of a purpose and design to life’s willful continuity, you can relax a little, reach a little higher, lean a little closer to the people and particulars that mean the most to you. You won’t lose your core vibe. If anything, you’ll accentuate the frequencies and motivations that build toward joyful beingness. Stretch yourself, dare to go outside the boundaries of the current picture of your world, just a little, just to affirm to yourself that this is not all there is, after all. You can touch the rim of reality and look beyond the horizon that’s currently defining the limits of what’s ahead. As you rise, so it will move. You’ll see, life will accommodate your expanded vision.

How has it come to this, that you have the potential of such full-spectrum fulfillment just at the edge of your fingertips? It’s true, you’ve been diligent. You know the value of having some order in your mind, and you’ve been drenched in the depths of the undercurrent of change enough lately that you have come to respect the nature of flow. It’s part of your landscape now. Rather than a vast expanse of unpredictable, unmarkable ambiguity, the concept of change has whittled itself down to a manageable cascade of more playful disposition. Less of uncertainty separates you from your heart’s desire, your soul’s rest. Now you can see more clearly that what had been out of all proportion to sanity is coming into balance, in a most delightfully encouraging way. Go ahead, reach a little. Stretching your arm a little higher will help remind you to keep your heart wide open in the direction of first light.

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