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Close and Open

Summary: You could continue feeling sorry for yourself, nursing an old wound or skirting around an uncomfortable memory. Aren’t you finished with that cup of bitter dregs, though? See what the tea leaves reveal, now that you’ve taken in the realization you’ve been served. Your soul has perfection in mind for you, and a perfect plan for your journey in grace. In an elegant move, you reduce the dust of neglected past experience into nothingness. Free of the past, you are free to the future. Reflect on this moment, relish it, and feel your essence become magnified.

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Knight of Cups (reversed) — The Moon (reversed) — Queen of Cups (reversed)

Pleiadian tarot Nine's Path weekly channeled message

In an elegant move, you reduce the dust of past experience into nothingness. Free of the past, you are free to the future. Feel your essence magnified. #pleiadian #divinity #transformation #worldchange Share on X

FOUNDATION: Knight of Cups (reversed)

If you’re looking for the smoke to clear, for a picture to develop in the crystal ball, or for the design to finally come together in some way regarding this journey of yours, it’s only a matter of time until it does. That, and steady movement in trust of the ride. Look at how well you’ve been maintaining focus, even while the bumps in the road have brought some unsteadiness to the outlook. You’re sailing over them, grinding them down into smooth pathways for your mind, working them out in dreams and sudden epiphanies. At this rate, you’ll be entering into the landscape soon and ready. Perhaps it’s not the landscape you’ve expected, but remember, you really can’t know what to expect, when it comes to the unknown. You can surmise and scry, but until you enter into a reality, you are only making stabs in the dark. So as not to cause unintended injury, it may be best to bring your focus to laser-sharp clarity instead of blindly guessing what will be. Practice the art of angelic vision, thinking things through with higher mind. Thus will you guard against the jagged raw edges of your own ill-formed back-of-the-mind ideas. Rather, let your mind cut sharply through illusion, and get to the heart of the matter. From there, you’ll be in a better position to act, and bring your vision into true form. What rises from reflection will lead you true.

LODESTONE: The Moon (reversed)

If “wait and see” seems totally uninteresting to you right now, sit back and take control of what you can. It’s time to shuffle the cards you have in your hand. Realize, you’ve been holding onto them for a while now, and all around you things have been shifting, changing, morphing into what appears to be a new set of rules. There’s only a broadening of the field of play, really, so more space is appearing but as yet it’s only discernible to those with keen vision. You may well be one of them, but if you haven’t jostled your game up in a while, it may well serve you to do so now. Especially as you free yourself from anxieties and debris from who you were at distant points in your past, you glean new insights about your current surroundings. Go ahead, indulge yourself in the practice of kicking out of the way that piece of the past that arose out of nowhere. As you do, recognize yourself anew. Acknowledge the brilliance of your soul in crafting this or that particular life experience, however long ago, however unappealing it may have been in retrospect before now. Can you see how perfect everything has been, leading up to this now where you can look into the depths of time and feel gratitude for having lived through the thing? With that, comes sweet release, and entry into the fertile fields of life’s promise renewed.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Queen of Cups (reversed)

As you master the weave of time within your own personal experience, you may come to realize that the only way forward into mastery is through piercing your own heart. You understand the concept of having the heart pierced, also broken, trampled upon, and discarded. Now, however, you have come a step beyond the need for such dramatic intensity applied to the act of becoming. In having had the courage to see your experience reflected back to you from the pain of another’s journey, you have had the grace of letting go. What’s lingered in the vaults of experience as a dusty outline of relics of pain, shame, or regret no longer need make you cringe. In standing in self-recognition, seeing without fleeing what your heart has dredged up for reconciliation, you are free. You’ve drawn a stitch through time; through an elusive buttonhole you’ve closed a passage where your vital essence had been seeping into a dark place. With that behind you, perhaps it can be that you’re also free from the intent that a present spectre represents. Have you learned from tidying up a memory that your soul has everything in hand? Can you see what rises up in this present moment as merely another iteration from the same font of wisdom? Not only have you gained wisdom and freedom, you’ve mastered the grace of the upper hand. Now, sweep away care and take a long look into what your heart is revealing.


“By reconciling your past with OM, the pain loses its charge. Knowledge of grace works its way on in and replaces it. What’s left of memory becomes like dry leaves, crumbling to dust.

Here we get to the mystery of Nine.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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