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Time for yourself… While it’s not necessarily a time to be in seclusion, it is a good idea now to take a look at your surroundings. As far as things go as a social creature, you can benefit from tending to your connections, rather than willy-nilly extending them. There will be a time for greater connectivity, for boosting the number of your circle of friends, but now is a time to focus on quality rather than quantity. Let this be your focus, and you’ll see both quality and quantity thrive. This goes for your real-world connections as well as your less tangible interactions with the world of spirit, dimension, and the like. You are far from alone now, whether that’s apparent to you or not. Nurturing within yourself the kind of company you want to be will have a heartening effect on the field around you. Tend to yourself now, listen to what it is that your inner self is in need of, and state that as your code of the day. As you get into the groove of doing that, you’ll give shape to your world.

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In paying attention to the kinds of connections you have, those you wish to nurture, those you wish to initiate, you do well to look at how all of that relates to your own relationship with yourself. Are you supportive of what you do, creatively, synergistically working with your muse to enact some living reflection of the light you carry inside? If you aren’t wholeheartedly committed to your divine work, you might become sidetracked with ideas other people have about how you can figure into their activity. There’s a big shake-up going around the world right now, which is jostling around all the ideas you have come into contact with and introducing you to some novel connections. If what you see, hear, and feel isn’t boosting your vital energy, but draining it, you are free to back up. Let it drop for the time being. As you wish, of course, for sometimes learning what it is to be used can teach you how to give yourself the love and support you crave. It’s all there, inside you.

Sometimes, what seems to divert you from realization is really pushing you to claim your divine path more radically. Rather than sliding into feelings defined by habit or social expectations, take a breath and re-center yourself. Triangulate with aspects of yourself from the past and future; commune in the present moment with who you have been, and who you feel you can be. Pay no regard to the ideas anyone else has about you in this moment; give yourself the sacred audience you deserve. Can you anchor yourself in this space outside of time? As you do, you open yourself to aspects of yourself undefined by time and dimension. Multifaceted you, let your light shine! Draw to yourself your strength, your rootedness, your potential. From there, you will thrive. The contacts you need are waiting to be made, and they’ll be healthier for the time you afford yourself now. Give yourself the benefit of wholeness and steady footing on the path your soul has set out for you. It is the surest path to integration of your present awareness with your greatest realizations yet to come.

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