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Moving Toward Destiny

A meeting with destiny… Now you have the wind in your favor, and despite any temporary slowing in your forward trajectory, you have a clear sense of movement. All the energy you’re putting into getting your ideas transferred from where they’ve been to where they need to be is starting to strengthen you. You’re plumbing the depths of your consciousness now, getting a feel for how well you’ve managed to turn knowledge into wisdom. Now is a time for getting in contact with the person you’ve been in the process of becoming. You’ve got what it takes to get into this re-creation of self, and see it as the one you’ve always known yourself to be. Meanwhile, know that you’ll get through this time. For all that you’re leaving behind, once you arrive, you’ll have everything in perfect understanding for integration to happen.

To know where you’re going, you have to have an idea of where you’re coming from. All the stakes are pulled out of the ground now, and untethered you find yourself pointed in the direction of your hopes and dreams, your intentions, and your coalesced thought. Memory dissolves behind you now; you carry with you the distillation of tribe and individuated self-expression. All else you can cast away behind you, for there’s little room now for anything but the seeds you have to plant. Eager to move, yet still without the benefit of solid ground beneath you to spur you on, you rely now on the composure of wit married with wisdom. You’ve actually done all the footwork necessary to carry you to the edge of one shore. After a moment’s reflection, you hesitated not one moment in launching yourself through the unmarkable terrain of the in-between. No longer who you were, not yet fully fledged in your new, yet timeless, persona, you’re feeling your way through the indefinable and gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, your mission, and at last, a destination.

The call is unmistakable, yet does it really source from some distant, yet-to-be-discovered timespace? Are you quite sure you are not merely placing the echo of it there? In truth, the call has arisen from within yourself. The territory you feel yourself drawn to is the landscape of destiny itself. It is there that you will find yourself, for it is there that you are calling yourself to. This is no mere whim you’re following, some phantom shred of gossamer or illusory legerdemain of your own imagination. This is a moment beyond transition, transposition, or transfer. It is nothing short of being both transcendant and transformative, translating the physical and metaphysical into a transmutational new you. Right now, you’re working through the undercurrents. Stay with that. There’s a lot to be gained there that will get you where you’re going in a more coherent, less sweaty manner. This is more than going with the flow. This is dynamically drawing from the depths those divine directionalities that source from the vortexes deep in your psyche. They’ve been swirling there for lifetimes. Ancestral selves speak to you now, to reaffirm your movement and remind you of your mission.

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