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Gaining Inner Balance Changes Everything

Summary: Before you go chasing rainbows in the sky, get an understanding of what they really are. You might find that comes most easily in getting into inner balance with those relationships that matter the most. You’re about to change the world. Everything you’ve come to know about yourself is there, ready to get you to destiny’s doorstep. When all the information comes pouring through, remember to stay in balance and accord with your own inner knowing. Trust your gut, and your heart. Your mind will make sense of it all, eventually.

Ten of Cups (reversed) — Two of Rods — Two of Swords (reversed)

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Remember to stay in balance and accord with your inner knowing. Trust your gut, and your heart. Your mind makes sense of it all, eventually. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X

FOUNDATION: Ten of Cups (reversed)

That rainbow appears just within reach, doesn’t it? The thing with rainbows, however, is that they’re a trick of the light. They appear solid, when in reality they’re just bending rays of photonic energies and breaking them up into easy-to-see divisions. The reality behind them is pretty complex, actually, when you get into the physics involved. Right now, you’re looking at a rainbow of sorts that has shown up as the sunlight is flooding your mental field. It’s been a long period of cloudiness and occasional downpours. There’s been a lot of immediate things to deal with. Through the break in the weather, you have a clear sense of the potential that awaits you, if you can move forward confidently in the direction of that promising image of fulfillment and contentment. The time is coming to put heads together to make this thing work. However, there are some concerns that demand a deeper look before you go chasing arcs of light. One thing is to bring balance to your closest relationships. Those around you, those who care, need to see your smiling face and feel the magnanimity of your heart. Harmonious foundations make good launching pads for dreams coming true. Inner balance is important, too. Another thing is to get an idea of what, exactly, you want. To do that, you need to imagine what you want to feel like. That may be a trick in itself, for you have an idea that what you want to feel is something beyond what you’re used to feeling, whether that’s beyond a limitation of habitual circumstance, belief, or the way of the world.

LODESTONE: Two of Rods

You can sense in your bones that you’re standing at the cusp of something. Personally, that might be the edge of what you’ve always believed possible for yourself, your abilities, your claim to a satisfying life. Globally, that might be the edge of something that lay just beyond what you can discern, something that could knock things back into balance and heliocentric homeostasis. For too long, there’s been something out of whack. You’ve come to the limit of what you’re willing to accept. You stand at a point of equilibrium between who you’ve known yourself to be and what you know you are becoming. Firmly grounded and with a sense of destiny tingling in your fingertips, you’re ready to change the world, your world. What may have seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to bringing a new reality into being now seems manageable. The bricks are in place and you’re ready to dismantle them. Take the raw material from all that you have come to know about yourself and use it to build a bridge to that bright horizon just ahead. Stay focused now and know it can be.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Two of Swords (reversed)

What you don’t know, so it is said, can hurt you. Just as much is true about what you do know that you deny. Ahead in time, you are coming into choice points. What determines your way forward depends on how you cast your fortunes when the time comes to do so. Now is the time to consider how you go about knowing. In a world defined by polarity and duality, how can you maintain your inner balance? It’s of the utmost importance now to trust your inner knowing, and not be brought out of balance by outside influences. Take in the wisdom and distill the essence of what’s in the atmosphere around you, but when it comes to recognition of your truth, that lay in the sweet solitude of inner contemplation. In the days to come, when the basis of what you’ve known as reality is shifting and incongruent, maintain a steady sense of balance within yourself. Let opinions be expressed, and know your own destiny will reveal itself clearly, gradually, dependably. Trust that. Let knowledge be shared, but recognize your own inner balance. Trust your heart above all. You’re probably going to be facing a massive download of information. Maintaining inner balance will help you ride out the shifting tides. The time hasn’t yet come for hard and fast decisions. When it does arrive, you’ll be better able to find your way to a satisfying path by reminding yourself of your sacred inner light.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“Old notions of energy need to be examined so that new understandings can be formulated and driven into reality. The concomitant rise in frequency accompanying the speeding up of time and compression of space requires a decision. Will you do nothing but scientifically conceptualize about possible beneficial situations arising from people’s possible beliefs about reality making reality ever-more chaotic and overblown? Or will you rather notice which way the wind is blowing and navigate according to natural order, natural law, natural nonsensical amplitudes of frequency leading you on paths you never considered before?”

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