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Look More Deeply Now

Look more deeply… There’s more to what’s in front of you than meets the eye. There’s more to understand about what you’re contemplating than on first glance. There’s a greater reward to be found in digging deeper than you have yet done. The prize is not yet yours for the taking, but it does have your name written all over it. What’s waiting for you will wait for you to arrive, and reveal itself no sooner, nor betray your search for it. You have a good idea of where to go, whether it’s deeper inward through meditation and self-knowledge, deeper into studies about what it is you want to understand, or more deeply into the moment in which you find yourself facing the one thing that’s commanding your attention right now. You’ve gotten far enough to know you’re on the right track, yet there’s still a bit further to go to cast aside all doubt completely and find your way forward. You’re almost there.

When you are willing to look more deeply into the nature of things, you discover that what’s there is mostly empty space. Between the vibrating particles of matter and the substance of material ventures, the idea of the thing exists in a state of total promise, potential, and perpetuation of essential beingness. It is into this space of ideation that you’re now called to dive. You already know the light that guides the spirit of the thing is aimed at a high point. You know that you’re going to get there, even if you only have a very vague notion of what “there” means. This is in process, and you’ll get to your destination when the moment is perfectly aligned with destiny’s plan. After all, you concocted it, in league with your illuminated soul. Dive deeper still and reveal even greater sources of brilliance. Really, this is the time for you to choose to know.

While you’re cogitating and making your plans, focus on one idea at a time. The bigger idea is already known by your higher sense of intelligence. Pin down that thought, then move on. In this way, you can map your route on the way to full activation of sentience. Deep within the moment lay a piece of that totality of knowing your transformational journey. Dive, and look more deeply, gather your information from where it comes in answer to your inner call for higher knowing. Maintain a clear mind as you do and you will keep yourself in line with only the finest frequencies of the experience of knowing. The mental space is being swept clear now, and the stage being set to appreciate the final form of your endeavors. Keep digging, stay focused, and feel yourself to be in a state of balanced grace.

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