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Open to the Divine Within

Cradle of divinity… Can you see yourself anew? In truth, it as if you have stepped through a portal into a different and quite vibrant reality. Is it to your liking? If it hasn’t come into focus yet, you can afford to give it a little time. While you do, get in touch with the immensity of power that lay within. Center yourself in a moment of pause, and allow yourself to feel what it is that’s coalescing into form around you. Seeds are dropping into fertile ground. Lush sustenance has survived the early days of challenge and grows ever stronger, more promising, steady. Reflect and realize the divine within you. Amid the hustle of everyday life moving in multiple directions, core sentience of the divine within will give you the steadiness you’ve been seeking. You, too, have weathered some rough times lately, and earned the crown you feel alive and glowing above. Trust life to live.

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Having come into a situation in which you feel nearly like an alien in your own skin, you are yet transforming. Meet this point of metamorphosis with the grace and vitality that your soul endows, fully aware of the divine within you alive and burgeoning with energies scintillating, drenching your world with love. After all, you have love in abundance, in the depths of your being. You can bring it all to bear now that you have crossed a threshold. While this new arena of life you’ve entered is bigger and wilder than the familiar blue skies you’ve just left behind, you can still find the security you’ve needed to let yourself grow. Now’s the time to give into the creativity you’ve been feeling, to let it take on new life, to know that everything you turn your eyes to or touch with intent will, in fact, be blessed. You give life that easily.

You’re meeting a divine aspect of yourself now. How does that feel? Can you open your defenses enough to liberate that portion of yourself that you’ve held at bay? There’s something that you may have been keeping subdued in its place, whether that was out of fear or from a sense of respect to an outdated structure which you no longer feel you fit into. Let loose with what is coming alive within you; express the wild and ever-nurturing divine within you. As you release what you’ve allowed to bind you in place, you will find a new sense of grace. Your inner empowerment is unmistakable now. It’s a natural evolution, this new step that you’ve taken. The reality you find yourself in will come into focus, but the signs of life already hint at a bountiful harvest to come. Immerse yourself in feeling.

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