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Midweek Update

Out of Divine Hands, a Gift

You realize something… For as long as you’ve dwelled in the space of your innermost thoughts, you’ve had the sense that you’ve missed the point of something rather important. There’s been a nagging feeling of having skirted around something that bears the full weight of self-realization. It’s not that you’ve been wantonly avoiding the truth. It’s what you’ve been after all along. However, having sampled various flavors of it, you’ve not tasted the full spectrum of what it is to be fully you. Well, the world is changing, and you have a different array of flavor points to put together. It seems you’re on the brink of adding that one missing thing that brings the whole together in a masterfully satisfying way.

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You’re breaking out of a routine of thinking. Nothing could be better for you, nor better suit the opportunities that you’ve arranged in front of yourself. Unbeknownst to you, you’ve got a pretty brilliant setup. While you’ve been busy dealing with the cleanup of lifetimes’ worth of stuff scattering a debris field of experience, you’ve noticed patterns and coincidences, pearls and diamonds amid the decay. All that old stuff is falling away, disintegrating before your senses. As it does, something meaningful begins to sparkle into view. The rising light of your self-aware self-worth is hitting the facets of those compressed jewels of truth that you’ve collected, saved, strewn, and sown. Everything you’ve lost is coming back to you, and what you’ve hidden from your own view is poking into the landscape again.

What is it that’s been missing this whole time? Is it that you’ve done such a job on yourself that you’ve completely obscured what really matters? No. You’re awfully clever, it’s true, but there’s no way you can hide the truth of your own being, your own truth. As much as you work to play a trick on yourself in the state of forgetfulness, eventually memory will reveal the behind-the-scenes workings you’ve manufactured and suddenly give you a big laugh. Not before you go for the feels, though… you’ll never get the joke unless you get in touch with the value of your heart. Priceless beyond compare, your spirit sits in glory. When eventually you find that sweet spot of gratitude for all that you are, you’ll lift your eyes and notice the divine gift matching your heart’s desire. Be clear on what that might be. Treasures of the world seldom last, but those intangibles are eternal.

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