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Weekly Message

Gateways to Divinity Await Your Approach

Summary: Multidimensional human, in the inner sanctum of your being you have access to untold power and understanding. You cannot gain that to any meaningful extent until you come to the portal of your own inner divinity. All your plans come to naught until you venture inward to unlock the genetic knot of your encodement at the precise moment ordained by the source of your soul. Now is not a time for distraction, but for inner attunement. Truth is to be found, and from there, everything shifts.

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Two of Swords — Eight of Rods (reversed) — Temperance (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Your plans come to naught until you venture inward to unlock the genetic knot of your encodement at the precise moment ordained by the source of your soul. #pleiadian #tarot #divinerevelation Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Two of Swords

When confronted with multiple options of where to go from here, inward leads onward. Bypass the detours with a deeply honest check-in with yourself. Deep right now means in time as well as in space. Go into the realm of your thoughts, your heart, and your visceral feelings, and keep going on toward the very roots of your existence. The deeper you venture into the playground of your soul, the stronger the field of a vortex of energy you create. Subtle it is, yet powerful, capable of carrying you into the streams of time. Echoes of investigation of the mysteries of life, through incarnational relationships and karmic soul ties present themselves to you for consideration. It is through re-establishing your connection with your own blood that you can find more truth about who you are, and thus more wholly claim your purpose and birthright in the here and now. Threads of etherically crystalline code have engaged for the cause of your own manifest creation; your genetic lines are ready for you to untie them, that they may reveal some secrets held in the stasis of extra-temporality. Visit them now, unmoved by outside sources of distraction, carried by undercurrents of deep subconscious association. This is the domain of inner vision. Elements interact now for your inner journeying to lead you to satisfying revelations. Concordance.

LODESTONE: Eight of Rods (reversed)

How do you feel about moving forward right now? Are you able to be at peace with holding off on planting your determination and energy, just for the time being? You will likely find that what you’d like to make happen simply can’t happen yet, but rather than resign yourself to what could be seen as a setback or worse, failure, get in tune with what’s actually happening. Around and within you, sense the direction where attention is being drawn. Can you entrain to something besides “onward and upward” right now? The way forward isn’t necessarily a step back, but by revisiting something outside the linearity of forward-moving time, you might just untie a knot. That would give you more freedom, and a lot more to work with, energetically and in terms of who you are. When part of you is locked in a space you can’t directly access, a switch in operational standards might be what you need to unlock what’s yours. It’s not that anything is being withheld. It’s that you have to get to the right point in time to get the back-door access to the secret chambers where all can become known. At least, more can be known, more can be integrated, and a total shift in who you are and what you understand can be effected.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Temperance (reversed)

As your relationship with yourself changes with the additional insights and living reconnections happening now, you’ll be called to re-assess everything around you. That includes relationships of all kinds. As you shift, so are others. Make a note of that now so that when you notice things changing, you’ll feel at home in the dynamics. Remind yourself that what matters is not necessarily the cementing of everything to the ground so you can navigate by walking around solid landmarks, but perhaps more of a sensory awareness of interrelationships, vectors of intent, and internal movements of conscious points of view. Be available for a more total immersion in the field of energetic dependencies, relativities, and redistributions of material outcomes from where potential had been held in static anticipation. That potential is about to shift into flow. As you become aware of the perfusion of animate energies, give your awareness full access to your physical space. Your body is an amazing extension of your living sentience. Feel it flush with life, and gain an appreciation for just how marvelous is the melding of divinity and flesh. Honor what you are, and what you are becoming, all according to a design of truly cosmic magnitude.


“In the cracked and broken Earth before you is a living, sentient being. A more loving mother is not to be found. Other planets are also conscious and alive. Mars heralds great change as it becomes alive in front of your eyes — a small comfort to you as your Earth prepares for massive transformation. A knowledge of what could be averted is your best pathway to a living, healthy Earth, so we share what we know of probable certainties and invite you to knock down the building blocks. It is time to accept nevermore as now. We open the book of probable realities and begin tearing out pages to be thrown into the fire of seriously fanciful delusions.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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