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Midweek Update

Tear Wide the Veil, and Meet God

It’s coming together… Some yearning of your heart has been kept at bay. Now it approaches the threshold of your reality, presenting you with an open door to enter. What will you find if you decide to get up and go through it? Is it really worth it to rouse yourself from where you’ve fallen into a somewhat comfortable position, upset your personal status quo, to greet an unknown? Ah, well, that’s the thing… this is only an unknown until you raise your eyes and look with an open heart. That doesn’t mean you have to give your dearest treasure of self over to some poser, a trickster, the mere appearance of something longed-for. You might just find, upon getting centered enough to steady your gaze, that you recognize something that’s holding the memory of what you carried into this life. That thing has been pushed to the side long enough. It’s coming home, to you, now.

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Ever and always you have strived to be true to yourself, and time and again had the antagonizing, agonizing realization that you’ve been wrestling with a spectre, some shapeshifting entity that held empty promises of what you wanted most. What was that, can you be clear now? That pure wish that you’ve carried, pushed deep down into the nether regions of your heart, what was it for, originally? Remember. Dig deep. Don’t be afraid, for now the dancing shadows have been pushed aside as the figure of destiny approaches you head-on. It’s safe to find that holy relic of yourself again. When you do find it, bring it out only for that which presents itself as the answer to its song. You will recognize it, for the remembrance of self, and that important point of light that you brought with you into this life, will come alive. Allow yourself to be surprised by joy.

Now you must come to grips with the fact that you’ve stepped outside of the normal functioning of the matrix-based reality you’ve been divining your way through. Where that leads you is to the original pathways of soul-lit selfhood, in the envelope of that which is beyond polarity. So long you have existed within the space between opposites, in that antagonistic tension where emotion and thought have been magnetized by artificial constructs of blind obedience, that you have become blind to the fact that this is not the only way. It has been, but there is a greater way. This is what you are coming into remembrance of, now. This is the truth that is finding you, again. When you release yourself from the magnetic bonds of engineered traction in the shadow-dance of a falling order, you are free to embody that which has been in abeyance. The final ironic twist of duality’s game is to find that freedom and surrender, taken together, melded into a singularity of choice, will rend the last threads that hold a dreamland in place. If you’re ready to exit the dream, destiny has something to show you.

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