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Polishing the Alchemical Gold

Keep polishing… Everything that you’ve done so far has brought you this far. Now is not a time to give up, nor to give into prevailing winds. Did you know you have the power to change fortune? Of course you do, for you’ve been telling yourself that for a long time, and doing the work to prove it to yourself time and time again. You have stockpiled a long list of achievements in the arena of self-improvement. Now, you sit busily working on the latest, and perhaps the largest work of your line of work. Rather than resting on your laurels, reiterating all that you have accomplished, why not simply turn your full attention to the task before you, and put everything you have into making this latest facsimile of self the most authentic, the grandest ever? Right now, things might look bleak, but if you keep at it, you’ll soon have another tale of adventure to tell about your soul’s journey.

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As you sit with the tools of your trade arrayed before you, turning your present task to catch every angle and bring it to perfection, you may come to realize that you’re seeing things from a slanted perspective. Things aren’t lining up quite right. The picture, as it is now, is still a bit warped. Is it that you have actually brought a flawed geometry to the foundation of your current creation of soul? Far from it, in fact. The perfection is wrenching itself into place, and with it, carrying your entire understanding of the basis of reality into sharp new angles of appreciation. Stay with it. This is going to be your best yet.

While you could stop with Lucky Seven, and coast along on your laurels, the truth is, it would soon become an empty victory. You would lose the sweetness that comes with pushing yourself further yet, into what seems an impossible task. Right now, you can’t depend on your tools, your measurements, your trusted accoutrements. They have chiseled out the design before, and to good effect. What you face now requires the laying on of hands and polishing the alchemical gold, to bring out the light that hides within the heart of imperfection, perceived or otherwise. Everything, you will find, is a matter of perception, viewpoint, and attention. Keep at it and you’ll soon turn things to a favorable aspect, where everything comes into the perfect geometry. Innately, you know this, and knowing it is the basis of the joy with which you apply your energies now.


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