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A Place of Perfect Balance

Summary: Here you are, having let go of what you’ve trusted to move you forward, having found new powers of inner navigation and higher levels of trust. You’re at a point of perfect balance, ready to launch yourself into the Now that you’ve been waiting for. Recognize that it has indeed arrived, and that this moment in time is most powerful. Stay attuned to the power of the heart and your mastery of its ways, and invite the whole world (or at least those who can hold your gaze) into the sacred crucible of transformation.

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The Chariot  — The Fool — King of Cups

At this momentous choice point, you find yourself in a place of perfect balance. Let go of old ways of navigating and step into the Now. You are evolving. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet


Big change is on the doorstep. Is something coming in, or going out? Either way, you are at a point of arrival, a place of perfect balance, transformation, destiny. It isn’t by mere chance that you have come into this set of circumstances, where the forces of nature—of Nine and Nemesis—play a game of tug-of-war within you and around you. You have most decidedly decided to be right here, right now. Or some part of you has, and brought the rest of you along for the ride. It’s time to gather your forces of will and your inner reserves of determination and forthright stick-to-it-iveness. Truly, it’s the only way to get past the impasse and to where you’ve had your sights set on. Your luminous inner eye has been trained on a goal of late; the moment has finally arrived for you to put yourself to the ultimate test of trust. Do you trust the plan, yourself, your path? In truth, it is a divine plan, despite all appearances to the contrary. Use your inner vision now and focus your core lifeforce there. You’re creating a new reality, one birthed of guiding lights of divine nature, of love within a vacuum, of letting go of your grip on the reins while guiding yourself home. It looks like you’ve given up on your own abilities to change the world at some point, but what you’ve gained in the meantime is a far greater navigational system and some very real magick. The moment is in your hands. Bless it, steel yourself, and push it out into becoming.


You’ve been getting nudges (some not too subtle) to trust the flow to take you right where you need to be to have the best experience of all possible permutations of the energies that make reality. Recent acts of surrender, however insignificant you may have thought them to be, have had the effect of relieving you of layers of burdensome density. Somewhat rougher for the experience, you nonetheless find yourself in a place of perfect balance, just as you’re ready to launch yourself into the unknown. Again. You find that fewer cares require less effort to bear, and that means less stuff to get in your way as you prepare to take on a new attitude. Your eyes are set on lofty goals, perhaps, but they are indeed attainable for one who has purified his heart and turned to face with joy the winds of change. You feel them. They are beginning to stir. There’s much to explore and you’re ready now to take that leap wholeheartedly into a venture that holds much promise. In fact, you happen to be right where you need to be to have the best experience, right now. All you have to do is do what you know you need to do, and trust that the moment you’ve been waiting for has most certainly arrived. Enjoy the moment, but don’t linger on it. There’s too much to look forward to to wait a moment longer.


Even if you’re not a big believer in the idea that fish one day crawled out of the sea, grew legs, and breathed air, nonetheless you have just done something similar yourself, or are in the process of doing so. Rising from the you you have always known yourself to be, you are proving to yourself the power of the heart in making dreams come true and turning yourself into something altogether new. You, human, are evolving, recapitulating yourself into another dimension of expression. Can you feel the power inherent in this moment of change? Do you connect with the wellspring of gratitude from which pours forth the free flow of power in the form of love, connection, well-being, and generosity of spirit? In all things now, this is the name of the new game. Be clear about the rules and play well. Remember, you are defining the boundaries of the playing field. Mastery is required of you now, and compassion. Find balance and understanding in anchoring in the heartspace. Hold forth the crucible of emotional and spiritual transformation with aplomb, and with steady eyes beckon all who are ready to enter into the sacred space of evolution.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“You are not even close to being a race of naturally evolved beings tracing your origins back through linear time to an amoeba crawling out of its comfort zone in a slimy primordial soup. No. All that is merely distracting noise. The truth is not so easily formulated as that. The truth is far more fantastic and sacred. And we are uniquely sensible enough as your next of kin to lay open the truth of your ancestry. So let us move along into the story of your life as a multi-dimensional being in a broad tale of adventure, vast-roaming travel and brave nose-bending hordes of dragons you are now coming to see as an impetus for associating with us after all this time. Cousin, we are of a place of great and heroic people. Loving your race just got a lot more complicated, so let us simplify a long tale.”

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