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Surrender to Empowerment

You’ve got this… Nothing is going to deter you from reaching the point of empowerment that you’re currently committed to. If you’ve felt off-track in recent days, come back to remembering who you are. This is essential if you are to move through this period of transformation, for it is wrenching tighter and bringing you into a more pressurized encounter with your inner nature. You are becoming aware of the various aspects of your experience aligning to a central point in your conscious mind. Allow the light to funnel in from where it has found access to you, and feed the inner flame of self-awareness that you have carried and tended for so long, and so well. You cannot doubt your power now, and soon no one else will, either. For now, maintain your entrainment with your inner divinity. Everything will evolve from there.

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Whether you’re aware of it or not, you radiate the confidence of one who has some grasp of what it is to be aware and awake within a state of empowerment and grace. Sometimes, you forget, going on forays into the wilds of doubt and conflictual turbulence. Making such detours from grace can be mercifully short-lived, however, if you re-entrain your inner I toward that self-sustaining flame of acknowledgement. What you reveal to the world around you will reflect all that you are, in doses that you can choose to mete out in mastery of your own inner forces. This is a time when those inner forces are apt to become triggered, so watch with gratitude for yourself and your choices to be that higher self that you’ve always suspected was your role. Doing so will put you into right alignment with the most beneficial expression of your inner power, and magnify your intent in all things.

Having tamed your own wild nature, refined those savage impulses that otherwise can lead to irresponsibly destructive acts of word and deed, you rest easy now. You have already understood the source of empowerment is in surrender and trust, rather than roaring, slashing, all-engulfing outbursts of passion and rage. In fact, you have come to see that the higher refinements of energy pack a more soul-satisfying punch that you rise from, that no one falls from, that leaves no bruise nor claims any casualty. Far from sacrifice, you are now within the sacred moment of giving of your own self to the altar of transformation. Do this, and know that you are finding out what true empowerment is all about. Then go change the world, for it’s in your power to do so, and in your heart to love every moment of it.

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