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Ready for the Time of Recognition?

Ah, finally… How long have you been ready to move forward? It appears that now, you finally can. What’s changed, that things have taken a turn? After all, you recently, finally, got the message to cut your losses, get real with yourself, and walk away from what had been your main occupation. What had been occupying your mind, now left behind, is a testament to your mettle and your decisiveness in bringing from the nothingness of dreams a reality you can claim as your own creation. This is what it is to be human. ‘Tis also human to quest after the divine. Once you find the path that leads you there, you must follow it if you are to be honestly, deeply true to yourself. If you won’t be, no one else will. How could they, not seeing that you know who you are? The time of recognition has come: time to unveil yourself, to show all that you have become thus far, and to move on in the direction of fuller selfhood.

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Tending the seeds of thought energy is no simple matter. Having your mind straight, your heart pure, your beingness empty and open to embrace what comes, all this takes some level of mastery. Mastery takes time. Time can take a toll on the brazen will of the unprepared, and temper it into the finest substance of self. To some extent, now, you have come to a point of peace with time. Equanimity is a delicate balance, to be sure. Consider how you have come to be who, what, and where you are, and let your heart take in fully the scene before you. While you are moving in the direction that fully lit beckons your soul, realize that you have found a path you’d been searching for. The entrance was hidden, when you were looking in the places where scattered clues had driven you toward. You poked and prodded for inner trap doors that might open to reunion with self. Have you discovered the value of giving up? In a sense, perhaps you have.

All that you have created thus far, using your wherewithal and your cunning, has gained the brilliance of your own shining inner light within it. You’ve made something out of your dreams and your calling. All this stands as evidence of something beyond a conscious human mechanism; it is testimony to the divine that you have opened yourself to recognize within, allowed to move, and given your little-s self over to. In short, you seem to be at a point at which you are ready to embrace the Big-S Self you have been working to become. Go on. This is what you came to this life to experience. The world is waiting to see what you have to share. As you approach your destiny, know that you are well attended and the way ahead is fully lit. You are coming to the time of recognition… not just self-recognition, but a more extensive acknowledgement of your primacy. Heads will be nodding in agreement, eyes opening in enhanced awareness. You’ve got this in hand. Move with what’s carrying you. It will all be fine (but you already know that).

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